What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

I have to go work on an image update, but in the meantime, Charley Reese sums up quite well how this seemingly inevitable war is going to go down,

Maybe you think that after Saddam Hussein is gone, everyone will live happily ever after, but I'm here to tell you that it will be the same. Nothing will change. No liberal democracy is going to bloom in the ancient desert of old Babylonia. No American will be able to say "I'm safer and freer now" because those young people died in Iraq. No Iraqi standing in the rubble is going to say, "Gee, I'm glad the Americans got rid of Saddam by destroying my home and my family." All this war is going to accomplish is to add to the world's store of misery — more death, more wounded, more destruction, more debt, more poverty, more hatred, more profits for the merchants of death, more pollution and more terrorism.

He also points out what this will be like for the citizens of Iraq — those of you in New York or with relatives know how profoundly two bombs affected you. Now imagine if thousands of bombs are raining down all over the country. How would that affect your life?

But voting Americans have been pretty effectively convinced war is for them it seems, sadly legitimizing any terrorist attacks on the civilian population as far as any twisted revenge ethicist is concerned. As Eric Margolis points out,

Since 9/11, Americans have been subjected to the most intense propaganda campaign from their government since World War I. Much of the mainstream U.S. media have been intimidated by the Bush administration into unquestioningly amplifying its party line...

The American public, often wobbly about geography, history and international affairs, has been alternatively terrified and enraged by bare-faced lies that Iraq was about to attack America with nuclear weapons or germs, and was a secret ally of al-Qaida.

A shocking two-thirds of Americans mistakenly believe Iraq staged the 9/11 attacks.

Seriously, how does that happen? How does an otherwise intelligent and modern nation convince itself to believe these total fabrications? In any case, war may well start next Thursday, assuming that America can buy enough votes in the UN… Since that's really what it's come down to. Bribes.

Iraq is complying with all disarmament demands, but, as far as the US government is concerned, these are just “obstacles” (does that mean war is the goal?) and even if Iraq disarms totally and Saddam commits public suicide, this war is still on. Let's roll!

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