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OK, I know I shouldn't laugh, what with the financial screwing of the American people by the Bush regime, the huge “JDAM” bombs being dropped on civilian buildings, and the multitudes of Iraqis being killed, but this “friendly fire” story did make me laugh (thankfully no one was killed in this one):

US F-16 Attacks Own Patriot Launcher

The upload is going soooo slow right now… I thought it just crashed (long freeze) but luckily it started again. It's at 27 meg (of I think 58 meg) as I write this and it looks like I'm getting not much better than 20kbps upstream which is… well… horrible. I can only assume that satellite traffic is way up because of all the stupid crap happening in the world.

Oh wait… it just crashed… damn.

(satellite rebooted… re-started…)

While I was waiting I took a bath and re-read Michael Bakunin's God and the State, an always relevant book (although if you want the short version just read any of Netzapper's posts, j/k)…

Yes, our first ancestors, our Adams and our Eves, were, if not gorillas, very near relatives of gorillas, omnivorous, intelligent, and ferocious beasts, endowed in a higher degree than the animals of any other species with two precious faculties — the power to think and the desire to rebel.

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading it again although I on the whole I find most books of philosophy absolutely dull (because of the style of writing that permeates them, not because of the content).

On a less pleasant note, my disowned mother (who tried to have me committed over body modification, kicked me out of the house for having a mohawk, kicked me out of the house for a nostril piercing, tried to undermine every lesson on freedom and liberty my father ever taught me, has done what she can as a teacher to have pierced kids banned from schools, and eventually drove my father crazy through her abuse, as well as other things that I won't mention) somehow figured out my address here and had the gall to show up. I told her to get the hell off the property immediately or the police would be called and to never come back.

I don't buy this “blood” crap. If someone mistreats me or the people I care about I will remove them from my life. If they continue to intrude it gets dealt with more harshly. It's that simple. Bad people are bad people, even if they happen to be related to you, and only a fool would associate with someone negative because of some ridiculous notion of kinship.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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