War isn't pretty

I'm not an idiot, and I understand how war “works”… I understand that friendly fire happens in war and that one shouldn't read too much into isolated incidents of it. But let's take a look at the death count so far. According to the British, “friendly fire” currently accounts for 90% of their fatalities. That means that if you're a British soldier, and you're killed in this war, so far there's a 90% chance that your own Allies killed you, not “the enemy”.

If you want to see something interesting, watch the Chinese news… They have a pile of their own military experts explaining why the US will lose this war. To simplify, the US still fights wars “like WWII”, whereas Iraq has been so impoverished as far as gear goes for so long that it's had forty years of relatively well-funded guerrilla training, putting it at a massive strategic advantge on some levels.

Which may mean that short of just levelling the country through air-based nuclear strikes, Iraq might be able to hold its own. I still think America should be able to win this war quickly and will be quite confused when they don't… But then… Remember, God is anti-war.

Now it's common sense time… and thanks to mal for this link of clarification. Now I understand the debate and how the logic of all this works…

PS. Feel free to take these pictures I'm posting and forward them to anyone you'd like.

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