Who will take the fall?

I'm getting a lot more mail than usual today telling me basically these two key points, and I wanted to address them:

  • Americans don't support Bush, so I should not “blame Americans” for anything that's happening in Iraq. (I thought America was a democracy where the government represents the will of the people?)
  • It's wrong of me to include the American flag in any images from Iraq.

Please understand that I realize that most people reading my page are no fans of Bush and would stop this war if they could. But also please understand that it's not Bush that's going to answer for the crimes he's committing right now. He's going to walk away from this very rich — ka-ching — no matter how it turns out.

But the American people will answer for these crimes, whether they supported this war or not (apparently 80% do). It is you that will be hurt when the reprisals and consequences start to roll in. Whether you like it or not, it's your name that's getting written on those corpses, and it's your corpse that the parents and relatives will demand in return. Bush is immune.

As far as including the American flag in the pictures, you have to realize that these killings in Iraq are not happening anonymously. I include the flag because people are so conditioned by images of violence on TV that unless they're “personalized” they get ignored. It's a horrible truth of the TV society we've greated.

If it really hurts you to see the American flag associated with them, then you shouldn't argue to hide the name of the aggressor — you should argue to stop the aggression. Me adding a flag doesn't change the event — and it's not there to “hurt” you or be “mean” to you — it's there so you understand, with brutal honesty, what is being carried out in your name.

Remember, the most patriotic thing you can do as an American is stand up to your government and tell them to do what you ask. If America is a democracy they must listen. So call your Congressman. Write a letter. And make sure everyone you know does the same. Because like it or not, this war is happening in your name and you will be paying the price both in blood and in cash.

To: *****
From: Shannon <glider@bmezine.com>
Subject: Re: The war

>About the pictures of the people hurt, and mangled on
>your page. I was somewhat for war before this war started.
>After seeing your side of it....I am ashamed to be an
>american. Just thought I would tell you that.

Don't be ashamed to be an American -- be proud to be an
American and do what you can, as an American, to stop these
people from committing these acts in your name.


Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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