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A warning that any of you with family in the military should pass on: If this war is illegal, US troops face being charged with war crimes. Seriously. Like Bush said, “I was just following orders” doesn't cut it.

While I'm warning people, let me warn political protestors in America: Political protestors that cross the line via trespassing and things like this will be murdered on the spot. Seriously. Civil disobedience is now punishable by execution without trial in the land of the free.

As the US prepares for more terror attacks I want to remind people about “Operation Northwoods“. In 1962, when America wanted to invade Cuba, the US military drew up plans to launch terrorist attacks against US cities (pretending to be the communists), in order to rally Americans behind the flag… Sound familiar? Ask yourself, in the light of history, who is your enemy, and who puts you at real risk?

The UN inspectors who've been forced out are pissed. They are accusing the US of sabotaging the inspections through force and falsified intelligence. Remember, the few times people proposed resolutions that would allow “check-list” verification of Iraq's potentially non-existent weapons programs, the US vetoed it. The US has sabotaged the inspections process, thrown out the journalists, and in every verifyable case lied and cooked intelligence in order to guarantee war.

"[The war on Iraq] a shameful moment actually in American history; the idea that we are going to attack a nation that is not attacking us, that is not attacking anybody else."

"If Iraq was a real danger to the world, then why is it that all the countries around Iraq and why is it that the countries of the rest of the world do not want to go to war? Why is it that the most powerful military country in the world with oceans on both sides is going to war against Iraq? The reasons are not the ones given by President Bush."

- Howard Zinn

PS. Remember how Bush said that Iraq could avoid invasion if Saddam stepped down? Just kidding! They're invading either way! Why does Bush want to convert America internationally from “the land of the free” to “the land of liars”? That is the legacy he leaves the American people.

As of a few days from now there are going to be a lot of people crying “tears of blood” thanks to America's imperialist dreams.

March 18th 2003

I think I'm going to do an image update today, so I probably won't be online too much. Plus DNS is down (I'm coming in via so it's a pain to browse anyway. The news is just too stupid and messed up right now and I don't feel like commenting much… but…

War is a crime against peace which cries for vengeance before God. Do not reply with a stone to the child who asks for bread.

- Archbishop Renato Raffaele Martino

I lived through World War II and I survived the Second World War. For this reason, I have the duty to say 'Never again war'.

- The Pope (more)

Bush claims to be deeply religious and welcomes the input of some clerics — although any with anti-war views have been blocked… Which must draw one to a single conclusion: Bush sees this as holy war and will not accept the input of anyone (including God) that prays different.

[Jesus Christ] is my favorite political philosopher.

- George W. Bush (more)

We have a Biblical responsibility to submit ourselves to [George Bush]'s authority.

- Rev. Lawrence Richmond, Baptist

You have a holy responsibility, to take up arms to protect your family, your country, and the Christian faith.

- Rev. Charles J. Simones, Hellenic Orthodox (more)

What, give unto Caesar? Onward Christian soldiers? I'm pretty sure that one of the core concepts of all faiths is that of a moral or spiritual authority that supercedes human leaders and governments — so NO, just because Bush says something doesn't mean God supports it. The very notion is blasphemous and I seriously question the faith of those last two ministers.


I'm going to install the new IIS patch to make sure we don't get hacked….
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PS. The Iraqi response to Bush:

"The only option (to secure peace) is the departure of the warmonger number one in the world, the failing President Bush who made his country a joke."

"He should go away from the presidency and let the Americans lead an ordinary life with other nations, not a life of aggression, a policy of aggression against other nations."

"This policy has brought about disasters to the U.S. So for the U.S. to live properly with the world and for the world nations to live in peace, this crazy man should go."

- Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri

Well, I guess that if 80% of the US population is opposed to war without a new UN resolution, and Bush has just declared war then we know without a doubt that the US is no longer a democracy. Oh well, it's ORANGE time!

Update: The patch has been installed on both this server and the BMEshop server.


Check out the supercool aviator hat that made for me! Perfect for when takes me for a ride in his open-cockpit plane (fingers crossed). Want a hat like this? Talk to her!

Remember, when you're watching the Bush warspeech tonight, here are the St. Patrick's day rules “rules”. When Bush says…

  • “September 11th” – take a drink
  • …linked to “Saddam Hussein” or “Iraq” – take a drink
  • …linked to “Osama bin Laden” – take five drinks
  • “Evil” – take a drink
  • “Jesus” or “God” – take a drink
  • “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – take a drink
  • “Material Breach” – take a drink
  • “the economy” – take two drinks
  • …claims it's “improving” – take three drinks
  • “democracy” – take three drinks

Trust me, most Bush speeches go down better if you play this game.

Anyway, since I'm posting pictures, here are some of my healing tattoo:


So I'm seeing stories in the news like this one talking about how the war announcement is pulling the US out of a recession. All of the articles have a similar chart, showing a climb this morning after things were “confirmed” and then a levelling off at about 8000.

The charts, to someone who doesn't know what they're looking at implies an “I guess it turned out for the best, maybe Bush was right” response, but it ignores the fact that this is a meaningless change. At the end of the week, the market dipped because of uncertainty. Now it's levelled because of certainty. To illustrate, here's some Dow graphing (the Nasdaq looks similar):

On the left is a one year chart — you can see the Dow dropping to 2/3 of its value a year ago (and that's just one year; scare yourself more with longer history if you want to see the Bush legacy in action). On the right (the pink background thing) is today's chart. The small part of the pink is there to show scale, and the green line is today's change adjusted to match vertical scale.

I really hope most Americans can see through lies like this… It's really quite dispicable for the media to mislead readers like this… Oh, and what are the odds that this story (remind you of anything?) will get any press in the US? I guess it only counts when the reds are driving the tanks, right?