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Sex-o-matic Venus Freak!!!!

WOW! Dave Bastard just sent me this awesome photo from LEA (mini-portfolio in the next update, and check out her web page if you like artists like Joe Coleman). I have to admit I really like it. It must look wild in person and moving…


My favorite online comic is updated:


It's very overcast here (snow), so I have been offline all morning until now… The good news is though that I'm working on the completion of that image update, and using my new adder tool (which I'll tweak over the day) makes things run so much faster… And there's a lot of great stuff in this update, especially for those with full memberships.

I want to keep the flow of this update going, but there's a lot of interesting things to read.


OK, I've got this stupid thing sort of working… It's not displaying about one in fifty images properly, and right now it won't display GIF files at all (damn your patent!), but other than that it's functional. It's far from complete, but it's working well enough that it's going to shave at least 25% off the time it's taking me to do an update.

I've left all the old code in place; so I can still do things the slow way if it doesn't perform like it should in my automatic mode. So I only really have to get it sort of working for now anyway!

He dropped you off, I followed him home
Then I, I stood outside his bedroom window
Standing over him, he begged me not to do
What I knew I had to do cause I'm so in love with you

It's kind of tricky because I've never really done much multi-threaded programming before (in this ap, one CPU handles the main software, and the second CPU handles scaling images for view), and to be honest, I think my compiler has implemented it in a very weird way — when I launch a thread I can't pass it any data, so I'm doing a kludge where I pass the info through global variables (nooooooooo!).

15 minutes

If anyone is interested, here's a recent request for people I just got… I figured there might be some people here who'd want to take part. Please note that I have had no previous contact with them on this, and I can't vouch for what they're doing in any way!

Subject: MTV Documentary
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 12:25:13 -0500

To Whom It May Concern:

I am working on a show for MTV's News & Documentaries department tentatively titled The Social History of Piercings. The show will include a brief history of body piercing, but the body of the show consists of "regular" people showing off their piercings and talking about piercing in general.

Therefore, the show is only as good as the responses we get to our casting calls. As you probably know, the typical MTV viewer is not necessarily that into piercing, so our responses thus far have been interesting but similar in the sense that the piercings are pretty standard.

I am hoping that you may be willing to help us out with the casting phase of our research. We are looking for people bertween the ages of 18-27 in the New York and LA or San Francisco Bay areas who would be willing to go on camera to talk about their piercings.

For obvious Standards reasons, we cannot show genital piercings or Female breast piercings, but we can have people talk about them and their reasons for getting them. Also, we will not be able to portray heavy body modification for the same reasons.

If you think you may be able to help us out by posting something on your site, or even by directing your members to our casting call on the website, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Patrick Galbraith
Associate Producer
MTV news & Docs

And that's all that I know about that.