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WARNING: This entry is incindiary. If you don't think you can rationally handle it, do not read it. If you love Bush like you once loved God, don't read this entry because you won't understand it and it'll just make you angry. For those people, just go look at the picture in the entry below and remind yourself how proud you are for all the good things you've done for the people of the Middle East.

I don't know how many people watched Bush's “give me more money” speech this morning, but a few things struck me:

  • The lies and extreme misdirection are so overwhelming that he's clearly decided to only “preach to the converted”. That is, for those Americans who actually are intelligent and informed, he's realized that he's not going to convince them and the speeches simply bypass them and simply continue to propagandize the uninformed.
  • Whenever he made a claim like “protecting the freedom of the Iraqis” or “dictators who disobey international law” he cracked up. Next he's going to start doing the evil cackle, right? (For those of you who didn't see the speech, I recorded it and if I have time I'll do a vidcap of those segments; they're really scary).
  • As with all his speechs, the religious overtones are freaky… “God is on America's side” and “God protects the peacemakers” and so on. Just think what you would think if instead of saying “God” he said “Allah”, had brown skin, and maybe a turban and a beard. Bush is engaging in the rhetoric of holy war.

Now… Maybe you think I'm a fool and Bush is right-on-dude and so on. That's fine, maybe you're right… BUT… Please consider the following things that happen when the world sees speeches like that:

  • Those in other countries — who all know (or at least believe) that Bush is lying are left with two assumptions about the American people, who at least appear to be supporting the Bush regime during this:
    • That the American people are subjects of a dictatorship and do not have the power to object or stop him.
    • That the American people are, to put it bluntly, stupid and actually believe the junk he's saying.

    That's the message that Bush is sending to the world. Like it or not, incorrect or not, that is the message. And again, let me be clear that I'm not saying I believe that but it is the overwhelming message that's being sent to hte world.

  • Those of Arab or Muslim descent are getting absolutely enraged, and a large minority of those people will become terrorist sympathizers and even terrorists. I realize that Americans are being told that there's a “coalition” that includes Arab nations, but the 22-member league of Arab nations has been very clear in their take on this, and it's not what Bush claims.

So, ignoring all arguments about whether this war is just or not, it will have several effects on the US people. As the US people, you do have the right to tell your President to start working for YOU not for BIG BUSINESS. America is in theory a place where people are free, not slaves of the corporation. Anyway, a few things that will happen because of this “war”:

  • Americans will be regarded around the world as stupid sheep (I'm not saying I believe this, I'm simply saying it is the message that is being sent).
  • Americans will be regarded around the worlds as slaves.
  • America will cease to represent freedom, truth, liberty, or any such ideals.
  • Americans will be so hated that they will not be able to travel safely outside their borders.
  • The American economy will be crippled and the American people will continue to become poorer (they are already some of the poorest people in the Western world).
  • Terrorist attacks on American soil will increase dramatically, in turn increasing the power of the state to “defend against them”, in turn eliminating civil rights achievements.
  • In order to maintain such a regime, Americans will have even less access to proper education, especially international history, geography, and politics. Americans are already the least-educated and most illiterate people in the Western world. They can't afford to drop below third world levels.
  • Many, many, many innocent people around the world will die.

I could go on and on. Again, I don't care what you think about the validity of this war. Even if you believe it's justified and valid, that doesn't change the fact that the items on that list will come true as this continues. Are they worth it to you?

In addition, the bigger problem is that Bush is really playing this as a “one way street“. Much of this damage is irreversable. Even if you throw Bush out at the next election, it may well be too late because unstoppable processes have been set into motion and bridges have been burned.

There is only one way that America can save itself if this continues for another couple of years: try, convict, and execute Bush, Cheney, and the lot of them as war criminals a la Nuremburg. Don't like it? Fine. But like it or not, no matter what your take is on the validity of tossing Saddam out of power, the war on (whatever), etc., it's the objective truth, and Americans will have to face it eventually.


This morning it's image update time for me, so there's no news update. As any of you that's reading the news knows, casualties (Iraqi civilian and US military) in Iraq are starting to escalate quickly, and the outcome seems shockingly unsure, especially now that the US forces have started reclassifying civilian areas as “legitimate military targets“.

What doesn't make sense to me is that America outguns Iraq by a factor of something like 1000:1. If America is unable to “win” this war with a minimum of casualties on both sides, it tells us that the US is monstrously incompetent. After all, Iraq is the weakest target available. It's largely unarmed and totally impoverished… Iran, North Korea, even Syria, will prove far more resilient targets.

Now, large technologically advanced forces have been beaten by small guerilla-based forces before. I thought it couldn't happen in Iraq because the political situation didn't exist to create effective guerilla forces (for anyone interested in this subject I strongly recommend both Chairman Mao and General Giap's books on warfare), but if America keeps screwing up and hitting civilian targets and even the wrong country on a regular basis, serious resistance could occur.

* * *

Why do reporters have no balls? I want someone to ask Bush, “As a religious man, how do you feel about the Pope's edict that supporting this war is a mortal sin?”

(And yes, I realize he's not a Catholic, but it's still an interesting question.)

That said, I see no real move by Catholics in America to stop backing their President, so I guess in America, Bush has more authority than God… Either that or God never really had any authority; more like the figurehead of a symbolic monarchy.

* * *

Quick “war-business” news:

  • Show me the money! The British recently froze as much as a half billion dollars in Iraqi assets. The US government claims that money is “theirs” and that they need to have it handed over to them… Claiming it'll be used for “humanitarian” purposes.
  • US refu$$$$es to let UN humanitarian forces in. Britain has been petitioning to allow the UN to handle the hospitals and care of post-war Iraq, but the US has said that all those contracts must go to private US companies and that the UN may have no involvement.

Still think this war is about freeing the Iraqi people? Bullshit. This is about making a bunch of fat cats that seized control of America a whole lot richer, paid for with the money earned by the American worker and the blood of Iraqi children and civilians.

You still think Saddam is the only evil leader out there?


Yay! It started on the first try, no problems at all… I didn't even have to jump it (not that the battery was hooked up for the last four or five months). That said, there's a lot of work I do have to do on it to get it to where I want it (new tires, some ground effects, a new hood, suspension upgrades, new interior, and so on).

I've said this quite a few times, but Corvettes like this (well, minus the blower of course) are regularly available for as low as about $2,000 US. They're one of the cheapest classic American sportscars out there… Plus if you're talking an early Vette like mine, they're incredibly simple mechanically and there's no reason why you can't do the vast majority of the work yourself in your back yard with a minimum of tools.


I finally got my Mustad order in… I've got in stock hooks of every size (they're not for sale so I shouldn't really say “in stock”, so please don't ask). If you're someone that I've promised hooks to feel free to drop me a line…

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, BME sends free hooks to suspension groups in regions that can't get or afford them — although they have to finish the hooks themselves, and it's a “one time deal”. I'll send a couple hundred hooks along with full info so they can get them themselves after that — one of those “teach a man to fish” kind of things I guess.

Let's lighten up.

OK, this is not an entry about murder. Thank you Franko Anyway, a few years back I got an email to the main account (ie. a “letter to the editor” legally) complaining about BME/HARD and such and telling me how disgusting and sick it was and the typical junk. Today I received the following email (this is an excerpt since I probably can't legally fully publish this one):

I would like to formally request that you remove the email I sent to your support a few years back. I'm tired of it being there, and it's purpose has been served.

Not only do you directly call me an idiot at the top of the page, but you post my REAL NAME AND EMAIL without my permission. Remove it IMMEDIATELY or face further action.

**** ****

Still a non-customer. Still thinks you people are disgusting and very disturbed.

As someone who's had this happen to them (Skin&Ink I think published a writer's query of mine a long time ago in order to insult heavy mods), I know he's got no right to demand something like this, and I'm not about to bend over for someone who continues to insult BME. And the kicker is that I didn't even call him an idiot — no commentary whatsoever was attached to his email.

Anyway, here was Franko's reply (including his quotes, to be clear):

>Not only do you directly call me an idiot at the top
>of the page, but you post my REAL NAME AND EMAIL without
>my permission. Remove it IMMEDIATELY or face further

You wrote a letter to the editor. From this letter it's clear that you do take responsibility for writing it. When you write a letter to the editor of a magazine, sometimes it gets published. Isn't that what you wanted?

In any case, this isn't even written from the same email address, so how do we know you're even the same person? If you'd like it removed, send us proof of identity (a scan of your ID including your name and address) and we'll be glad to pass on your request to the appropriate people.

>Still a non-customer. Still thinks you people are
>disgusting and very disturbed.

What a co-incidence! We still think you're an idiot!

Yeah, I know it's mean… My apologies go out to the idiots of the world. I'm sorry I don't take you more seriously, clearly I should have respected your opinion that I am sick and disgusting.