Human shields…

So the latest civilian casualties of the indiscriminate Bush regime* killing machine are… American civilians. Yesterday as two busses travelled from Ahman to Baghad, US warplanes opened fire, killing the peace activists on board (more). Remember, you're either with us, or… you're dead.

There's a lot of speculation going on right now about Mary Cheney, the daughter of brutal warlord and international criminal “Dick” Cheney, currently posing as the Vice President of the United States. A London paper reported that Mary Cheney will be travelling to Baghdad to join these human shields (more). The Bush twins have been there for some time already, but it's just because they got incredibly drunk and got on the wrong airplane. They thought they were going to Tijuana…

Ah, bitter awakenings.

* I want to be clear on why I say “Bush regime”. I say it because it's becoming clear that, to many Americans, Bush is not American — he's a representative of a foreign (megacorp) power that has seized control of America, and that the actions of his regime are not the will of the American people.

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