My plan for this morning (I hear I have guests this afternoon)… 1. Make some breakfast (fresh hummous, pitas, fresh veggie burritos), 2. Watch last night's Daily Show, 3. Do an image update.

I'll just very quickly touch on a few news stories.

As all of you who watch the financial news know, the war is already starting to have a real destructive impact on the economy (more). This isn't just things like the stock market I'm talking about — retail sales and spending in general is down as well.

Residents in Basra, under attack for 13 days now, say that the invaders are having little success and Saddam's boyz are in total control still (more). In fact, not a single city has fallen yet (more), and the Iraqis, even “simple villagers”, are, in classic guerrilla-style, beginning to arm themselves with top of the line gear — by stealing it from the US and the British (more).

Why do you think they attack the supply lines? It's not just to disrupt the troops on the front line. It's because they need the better equipment for a “fair fight”. See, right now the US and UK have a massive advantage because they can see farther, shoot farther, and so on… But without that gear….

Interjection: This is classic guerrilla warfare science. Every trailed military planner since the 1960s should be very well versed in it. This leads one to believe that (a) US plans are going much better than expected, (b) Iraqi civilian/militia forces are much stronger than expected, or (c) the planning for this war has been truly incompetent. We won't know which until the smoke and blood clear... It could be in a week if US estimates are truthful, or it could be in six months, or it could be never...

Lies, lies, lies. Remember how you were told by the US that they didn't actually bomb that civilian marketplace, that it was a “trick” by the Iraqis? NOPE. It was a Raytheon (aka the company conspiracists accuse of providing fly-by-wire technologies that crashed the 911 planes) manufactured US fired missile (more). Now the question is…

When the US claimed it was an Iraqi psy-op attack on its own people, the story was played every hour graphically on CNN. It was played non-stop to damn the “brutality” of the attack. So what will happen now? There are three options:

  1. CNN will continue to claim it was the Iraqis.
  2. CNN will drop the story and move on to the next one.
  3. CNN will tell the truth, and out the US as brutal killers of civilians who have nothing to do with Saddam or his alledged (insert evil of the day here).

I guess it'll be #1 for a short while, then there will be a very brief played once mention of #3, and then #2.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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