April 8th 2003

So yesterday the US did massive bombing, dropping four JDAMs (the 2,000 pound bombs) into a residential neighborhood they believed Saddam was staying in. There are definitely massive civilian losses, with the “hope” of course that Saddam and his sons are dead (more), as if that “magically” ends all this. Because the US has promised to execute all of the higher up Iraqi POWs (more, more), it's not like they can surrender — a lot more people will die before this is over, no matter what Saddam's fate was.

Anyway, America will declare the war “won”, and the 80% of American people who've been effectively blinded by propaganda (more) will drive their SUVs one block to McDonalds and shove Big Macs into their mouths with their overstuffed chubby fingers as their civil liberties stay restricted (more) — the rest (the people with eyes open) simply don't count in the eyes of the Bush regime. Iraq will spend years in chaos as the fighting continues and will eventually find itself worse off than before the invasion… Just like Afghanistan (more). Just like was planned.

Bin Laden (who?), who just released a new tape urging terrorist attacks on the US (more), will see an upsurge in membership to al Qaeda (more). Syria will be targeted for regime change, and war will continue as long as there are people to kill (more) and bombs to be sold. The economy will continue to go downhill (more), unless of course you're in the war profiteering business (more) or even just selling cheap crap for fools to wear:

And, when a hundred years have passed, the history books will record this as the first in series of violent and unprovoked wars against legal governments, this one who turning out not to have “weapons of mass destruction” (more) — and even the rumors of torture will turn out to be questionable (more) — with an end result of bringing not freedom to Iraq, but pain and chaos (more, more).

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