New World Order

So I'm walking past the TV and I see on the CNN ticker-thing, “COMING UP… NEW WORLD ORDER” OK, now that's one of the more ironicly funny subtitles I've seen in a while so I stuck around to see what it was.

I was actually surprised to see it get serious coverage on CNN, but as you may know, Russia, Germany, and France just finished a meeting which, if they achieve their goals, will unite most of Europe along with most of the former Soviet states and some of the Asian states in a coalition designed to oppose the US on both military and economic levels.

That would not be good.

Add up the populations sizes, GDPs, weapons stockpiles, space programs, manufacturing facilities, and it should be very clear that this type of us-and-them standoff would be about the worst thing that could happen to America right now.

In other news, Amer al-Saadi, the Iraqi government's science advisor surrendered, insisting the whole time that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction (more). Even though there is absolutely no evidence against him, the US intends to try him as a war criminal and execute him.

In land-of-the-free news, Alabama sex toy laws recently were overturned (so you'd be able to legally own a vibrator), but the government immediately appealed. Someone explain to me how a “free country” that encourages its citizens to own massive amounts of weaponry won't let someone own a vibrator (more).

PS. According to the Guardian/UK, there was no reason for invading Iraq. America just did it to “prove they could” do whatever they wanted… (more)

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