Kill Hollywood?

So I was looking for a website “against Hollywood” that had conveniently listed the contact info for all of their agents and I came across this foolish petition calling for an end to any movies that don't prop up stupidity. A few of the comments left by people signing it:

"In your fictitious world everyone is for love/peace/and the right to smoke the real world we go to war to protect communist/head in the sand people like you!!!"

"Hollywood is absolutely disgusting! I am so sick of stupid 'movie stars' thinking they know what they are talking about! The truth is they live in fantasy worlds. They really are undeducated, uninformed, and obnoxious. I will be boycotting all these unpatriotic horrid people! God Bless President Bush! God Bless Our Troops! God Bless America!"


"I support Bush. I want all of the Hollywood liberal to leave this country"

"Michael Moore is a Socialist idiot and contrary to his delusional thinking he only speaks for as of now about 24% of Americans! And I use the term 'Americans' loosely when referring to those 24%!!"

"I will boycott ANY OF the actors/actresses who openly push their anti-American Pro-saddam agenda! I consider them to be TRAITORS!"

"Michael Moore is a fat, cowardly child molester. This is not a joke."

"Shame on you and My family will not go to the movies unless Hollywood apologizes to the U.S, the troops and the President"

"The hollywood left is an embarrasment to our company. Their films should be banned."

"watched FOX NEWS to keep me updated on the real world"

"It's bad to bash the prsident and not support him-if not treason."

"Those who are dedicated to the destruction of a free society are unfit to live in that same society. Michael Moore is therefore unfit to be an American. He is unfit to live in this country. With luck and God's grace, he'll swing from the end of a rope."

"Pretty tired of watching homosexual movies and the forcing of hetrosexual Actor/Actresses in homosexual roles."

"We now boycott all stars/ musicians, anti-american. anti war"

"Hollywood is completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. If you don't stop making anti-Christian, anti-American, obscene movies, we will boycott! You are only qualified to play make believe, not to give political/military advice."

"I hope the 'entertainers' get the message that knowing their political views detracts from their acting or singing etc. I used to really like Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon and others, but just can't watch their films anymore because they had to shoot their mouth off! I don't want to know my doctor's political views or anyone else that is doing their job."

"I don't petition Hollywood to do anything, I stopped funding their Marxist agenda long ago and engourage others to do the same. Favorite movie: LOTR, LOTR, LOTR!"

"The Hollywod Left are neo-communists"

"USA: Love it, support it or leave it!"

"The liberal theology/philosophy is relatively new to our American history and. is NOT the foundation on which our country originally grew to become the strong, productuve, and innovative place that it is.. There is a reason that the U.S.A.became such a country in the 1st place. The reason is that American society began by operating according to Scripural principles; whether those following those principles believed in them or not.. Just as with gravity; it works for everyone, whether you believe in gravity or not."

"Americans for Bush, the Flag, Pledge, Israel & God"

"I think what we really need is for Hollywood to make more Christian movies and stop the violence."

"the Hollywood folks have used so many drugs, drank so much alcohol and experimented so much with their fellow wierdos, that they do not or cannot understand how the everyday American lives, works and worships"

"Have you forgotten...? What happened on 9/11, obiously you have, because you are against a war that will prevent another day like 9/11."

"I am all for getting the 'Leftys' to shut the hell up. Ever wonder why there were not this many protestors when Clinton was in office...OH I forgot it was because Republicans go to work and dont have time to go protest."

"you're either with us or against us"

"Hollywood black lists veterans of the armed forces from their industry."

"anything less than respect for the President & our troops is UN-AMERICAN"

"Why are Americans disliked in foreign countries? Might it be because of the view of America and Americans presented by anti-American movies?"

"why don't you all move to iraq-good riddance traitors!!!"

"I welcome the boycott of anti-American socialists in Hollywood"

"I for one will stop going to any movies starring these non-patriotic idiots!"

Are people really this stupid and gullible? I find it so hard to believe… I mean, I get moronic email like this, and I've seen a few people write this junk on their pages here, but I have a lot of trouble believing that a majority of people in an educated (?) first world country could be so ignorant?

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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