The day of the Lord

Well, it's looking more confirmed every day: the US is attacking Syria next, using the claim that “since no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, they must have been moved to Syria at the last minute” (more, more, more, more), and what with the US now also threatening/pressuring Israel (more, more), a nuclear nation with potentially more air power than the US — probably the only nation on the planet to be able to make that claim — things threaten to get very dirty.

The British are starting to pull their troops out of the Gulf (more), and their high-end admirals are going on record by name (not as “anonymous military sources”) to say that the US exaggerated claims of WMDs in order to launch a war (more, more). After all, when the US eventually expands this war to “axis of evil kingpin” Russia (more) and Europe, the UK doesn't really want to be on the losing team.

But who's winnig? ($$$$)

While that “genuinely evil” jackass Rumsfield is cracking jokes about killing and looting (more), the people of Iraq live in more fear and terror than they ever did under Saddam (more) — but apparently “looting is a sign of freedom” (more). The American troops, now passionately hated by the Iraqis (more), are assisting the looters by doing things like executing on the spot storekeepers who defend their shops (more), and not stopping looting of even Iraq's archaeological treasures (more) which will now surely end up in the hands of wealthy private collectors.

This is worth reading.

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