Morning news: 04/14/03

The US continues to escalate its threats against Syria, continuing it's “Since we can't find WMDs in Iraq (more), you must have them! Give us your WMDs now or we will invade!” stance. It really blows me away that people fall for this crap (more, more, more, more)… The people of Baghdad are none too thrilled as the US puts INC (Chalabi) sponsored rulers in charge (more), and the people of America don't seem to even notice as the very rights they promise to bring to Iraq are slashed at home (more, more, more).

"And how can you not express brotherly solidarity with your contemporaries tried by war and violence in Iraq, the Holy Land and other regions of the world? Peace is a gift from Christ."

- Pope John Paul II (more)

Then there's the putting in charge of potential terrorist leaders in charge of weapons facilities in Iraq, setting the stage for worse oppression than that nation ever saw under Saddam (more)… We (the West as a whole — before people blame just the US, realize that far more people died in Iraq thanks to Bill Clinton and UN sanctions than in this war — not that this war makes it better, it just makes it even worse) are not in a position to continue antagonizing people who have increasingly little to lose. Fact: there is no effective defense against suicide attacks.

And let me again remind people that the Taliban is well on its way to being back in power in Afghanistan (more) and al Qaeda (who? didn't Bush say he defeated them?) has more recruits than ever… And if that doesn't matter to you, and you just want to “support the troops”, let me also remind you that the military is at best a glorified make-work project that really doesn't treat many of its slaves that well (more)…

PS. Regarding the “Kill Hollywood” entry below, I've actually had a few people message me complaining that I shouldn't make fun of their “valid opinions”. Seriously, people really do believe those things. It's just so weird… sometimes I think the world is playing some bizarre joke. I just don't understand how people can think that way.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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