Today is 2003/04/19

I'm off to do an image update today… but let me first say… Iraq is turning into a nightmare of the worst kind. America is now left with two extremely unpleasant options: first, a military occupation that essentially forces them to impose the same strong-handed rule that Saddam did… Or they could actually allow Iraq to be free, in which case it becomes a violently anti-US Islamic state far more repressive to its people and far more dangerous to America than Saddam's Iraq ever was.

The Arab states are calling for a boycott of any US-run Iraq (more), and Islamic priests are telling America to “get out before we force you out” (more, more, more). Tens of thousands of Iraqis protest daily in the streets calling for America to leave (more, more), clerics are seizing political control (more), America struggles to maintain order by allying itself with Saddam's forces (more) but often ends up “killing the good guys” (more) and fighting continues… not with Saddam's forces, but with locals who just want American invaders to leave (more).

The US is now threatening that France will “pay some consequences” (more) for its actions. France on the other hand threatens to veto a lift on sanctions against Iraq (more), a truly despicable act that promises both to kill more Iraqi people and damage any meager reconstructions plans (more) which also have a side effect of helping US corporations… And again, the Iraqi people are the pawns that suffer while big business around the world fights for war profits. Back in America on the other hand Iraqis are rounded up for “voluntary” interrogation sessions (more), and the US struggles to explain the multitude of “fabricated media events” it staged during the Iraq war, most notably the “Saving Private Jessica” fraud (more).

Meanwhile, still no WMDs have been found (more), and Rumsfield says they don't actually expect to discover any (more), and Iraqi scientists continue to maintain the lack of a WMD program (more). So basically, the Iraqi people have been taken from a relatively liberal, secular, and modern Middle-Eastern dictatorship, to having their country destroyed, their economy and history shattered, their stability reduced to chaos and anarchy, and they are now about to be ruled by religious fanatics in a Taliban-style totalitarian potentially-terrorist sponsoring state. But don't worry, US companies are getting very rich! After all, that tax money you just paid has to go somewhere, since it's obviously not coming back to you.

PS. Pakistan on the other hand, a genuine terrorist state that continues to send terrorist and guerrilla forces into Kashmir on an almost-official level (more), refuses to cut back in any way on its massive nuclear weapons program (more).

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