April 20th is a day in April also known as Easter Sunday

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And now some news.

The more time that passes, the more clear it becomes that not only does Iraq not have WMDs, but the more likely it becomes that the US and the UK actively misled their people and the world on the subject (more, more) and even faked documents to do so (more). Not only that, but the UK has been very clear that there can be no international (UN) involvement in the search for WMD evidence (more), meaning that if any “evidence” is found it will surely be tainted in the eyes of most of the world. Not only that, but the “coalition” are actively blocking independent investigation into WMD claims (more)…

In the art looting of Iraq story, it's seeming more like Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles every day — evidence is mounting that the art in those galleries is now up for sale on the international market (more), and that it much of it may well have been “ordered in advance” (more). Iraq's culture is shattered — museums, theatres, libraries, zoos, and museums all looted and burned to the ground as US troops watched (more), with orders only to protect the oil fields, which are now under total US control (more).

Is it any wonder that the “new Iraq”, with its Shiite majority, is preaching a strong anti-US stance (more)? Is it any wonder that the Kurds are launching a civil war to “unarabize” the North along with chasing out the Americans (more)? Is it any wonder that militant clerics far more dangerous to America than Saddam ever was are coming to power (more)? Fact: Saddam was a murderous tyrant. Given that fact, how despicable are we, the West, in allowing our “figurehead nation” to make the life of the Iraqi people dramatically worse than it already was?

In the light of all that, the US has announced a long term military occupation of Iraq (more). Well, if you're an American, I guess you'd better not travel internationally any more, because you'll be at risk of violence, attack, and abuse in general. It's not a pretty future for the American people… Civil rights eliminated, new pinnacles of poverty, and the growing risk of terrorist attacks not just from the world, but from McVeigh-style domestic terror groups.

And, as I pointed out before, it's irrelevant whether Bush is voted out at the next election. The damage in Iraq is done. It'll take twenty years or more for that country to get back to where it was a year ago… And until then, there's over twenty million people with their guns just waiting to kill Americans. They really won't care that Bush has retired to his ranch to live in wealth… Terrorists rarely just assassinate a leader — they use the blood of the people to send their message.

The above text is a “spoiler” as in it could spoil your day. If you want to read it, drag your mouse over it to highlight it.

PS. If you don't want to invade Syria, you might as well be a terrorist (more).

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