He ain't heavy

I don't know how I'm not arrested (or dead) right now — my only explanation is that I have an in at the CCCC*…       ————rewind!

My brother, his partner, and his gargantuan grinning baby came to visit this morning. About ten or twelve minutes after they left, we noticed that he'd forgotten his jacket and work ID, which is a big deal because he works in secure areas that need ID swipes for access. About twenty minutes from the house is the merge from the “local” road to the larger highway, at which point traffic is heavy enough that I wouldn't have caught him easily.

So I grabbed his stuff and threw it into the Porsche, turned the Cuban rap way up, and tore out of the driveway. Traffic wasn't bad until I passed Tweed where it started to get bogged down with people returning from the holiday, so I had to do a lot of passing — if I didn't maintain an average speed of at least 140, I wasn't going to catch them.

Coming around a bend I saw that I had perhaps a quarter mile before an oncoming transport convoy passed me, so I dropped down into fifth and gunned it — I squeaked between the transport and the car in front of me at over 160, only to notice that a police cruiser was sandwiched between the first two trucks… Luckily I suppose his predicament did not allow him to catch me, so I guess he just cursed all the way home.

At the intersection of the highway I caught up to them, and they didn't seem to realize who I was — it wasn't until I pulled up along side them and honked that they realized it was me and stopped… When they thanked me for the delivery, I thanked them back — it's not often I have a “valid” excuse to drive 175 on curvy country roads!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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