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Did you know…

As of this writing, 65% of BME readers believe that George Bush meets the definition of “evil”. 74.9% of BME readers believe that Saddam Hussein meets the definition of evil. As such, when America wins this war, it will not, in the eyes of most BME readers be good triumphing over evil. It will be evil triumphing over evil — are we watching civil war in Hell?

Robert Woodward: “Do you ever feel compelled to explain your policies or decisions?”

President Bush: “Of course not. I'm the commander… see, I dont need to explain why I say things. Thats the interesting thing about being the president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I dont feel like I owe anybody an explanation.”


Saddam Hussein: “Law consists of two lines above my signature.”

Uploading now…

First, since about a dozen people have messaged me about it already, let me be clear: I AM AWARE THAT WHITEHOUSE.ORG is a humorous anti-war site. That's why I linked to it. That's why I called them “satirical”. I am not talking about THEM in that post. I am linking to the posters that were on the site I WAS talking about, not to the blog they were on.

Sorry to those under eighteen for restricting your access to the two entries below but I have no legal choice. For those people who've been trying to decipher what the first three pictures are, it's a guy with a large forskin that's got a piercing on top that's stretched to an inch or two allowing the glans to pass throug it. It's all pierced as well and flipped around, and I think there might be some pumping or saline in those shots (see the Enpassant gallery in BME/HARD for more). The last two shots are an anal stretching session that got a bit heavy.

I got this email earlier today; I thought it was kind of funny in a “I wonder who's out there impersonating me” sort of thing:

My name is *** *** and i was in the december 2002 issue from the nyc convention. I think i was on page 42 or something. But i was wondering if its possible to still get that issue. I lost mine and need it for a modeling project. If you could help me out i would really appriciate it.
Thanks a lot,

It's weird. There's even a new body modification site that just started that's calling itself “Team BME” (seriously — they are claiming to be the “premiere tattoo and body modification community site”). Seems kind of odd. You'd think they'd at least come up with their own name. Oh well. There's a thousand piercing studios out there that create their portfolios by ripping off pix from BME. The world is full of lame people I suppose.

Anyway, the update is on its way to the site now.

From the mailbag

This is from the “it's not me, it's you” department. Constantly (I've already gotten I think three today) people message me saying that the picture they sent was actually high resolution, or wasn't blurry, or whatever… And I never know what to say. I mean, it's not really a “matter of opinion”. It either is or it isn't.

For example, given the above picture (I've cropped it to show the tattoo; the submitted image contains a pile of dead space around the above), after rejecting it I got the following message (I've eliminated the hot pink text to make it more readable):

okay this is the 3rd time i've tried sending in my photos. how can they be blurry or anything because i used a digital camera. i checked them before i sent them to make sure it would work. this is ridiculous you know forget me even sending in any of my photos. and I'll be sure to tell my friends not to send anymore in, and not to visit your crappy site. oh by the way. I've seen tons of blurry pics on that site. so it isn't me its you

That's usually the way it works. There are three key arguments people use:

  1. It's impossible. Digital cameras can't take blurry photos. I paid a lot for this camera/scanner. It's a good camera.
  2. I saw blurrier pictures on the site, why can't you accept my blurry photo? Other people's bad photos slipped through, you should let mine through too.
  3. It's your fault. Your site sucks. I never wanted to send in pictures anyway. I'm telling all my friends mean things about you!

Of course, then there's the brilliant pro-war emails I get:

From: mr6footmillion@***
Subject: stay in canada
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 01:18:21 +0000

you must have dropped one of those tapers in your ear and knocked a screw loose. your views on the war are so fucking stupid. why not go fuck saddam in the ass you
dumb fuck.

I have seen the light! I'm convinced. Thank God for the brilliant debating skills of the war lovers.

Tongue splitting

Did an interview with someone in Iowa this morning about tongue splitting… All the normal stuff, but then she told me about the piercer she's interviewing on the subject as well. I won't mention any names, but it really pisses me off.

Apparently this piercer told her — and I assume must be telling clients the same — that he is “trained” in tongue splitting and is “qualified” to do them. I told her, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

Fact: A tongue splitting isn't hard to do… if nothing goes wrong.

Fact: If something goes wrong, which does happen, there are many cases where medical training is required to handle that contingency.

Fact: Unless the piercer is also a doctor, they are not qualified to handle those contingencies.

Fact: Unless the procedure is being done in a medical facility, there may not be the equipment needed to handle those contingencies.

Fact: Not being able to handle those contingencies can result (and has) in serious injury, death, and/or the need to go for emergency medical treatment.

Do I feel people should have a right to go to a piercer or do it themselves? Absolutely… But it really makes me mad to hear about piercers that claim to be “qualified” or “trained” in such a procedure. I think it's awesome that they're doing it, and I think they provide an invaluable service to the community in doing so, but the fact is they are not qualified.

But, since doctors on the whole are still refusing to do the procedure, they are in many cases the best option. But they have to be honest about the procedure, the risks, and their qualifications. Lying about it is just going to come back and bite us all on the ass.

And every responsible body modification artist, including those doing tongue splittings, will tell their clients the above. Anyone that doesn't is one that in my opinion should be avoided. If they're willing to deceive you about your safety and their qualifications, do you really want to trust them with your life?

Point of trivia: Did you know…

If you took the amount of money spent on just TV advertising for the 2002 midterm elections (not even the “full” elections, just the midterms), and instead spent it on education, you could give a free four year university education to 36,000 Americans. Alternately you could provide adult high-school equivilency educations to over a quarter of a million Americans.

Was it $900,000,000 well spent?

I guess it was — the Republicans bought themselves a landslide from the gullible cash-entranced public, and got the political ammunition that was needed to launch a pointless war that has only one clear goal: massive contracts for the US corporations that provided most of that $900 million in advertising money.

You got fooled. You got played.

Again: that was just the amount of money spent on TV ADVERTISING to trick you. It is a tiny fraction of the total money that will be siphoned off of the US economy, out of the pockets of the US taxpayer as the corporation reap the spoils of this bloodshed.

PS. worth a read, whatever your general political standing.