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Right now I've just been processing the “failed” images, but I thought I'd share here a couple of the images that struck me that will be posted. There are tons of amazing photos… Thank you all that helped! I'll probably post a few more this afternoon as well (and I'll try and keep the adults-only ones to a minimum)

ServMe with Lucky Diamond Rich
Stretched behind the nipple piercing

Anyway, I've got to take off for a few hours but I'll get at least 500 or so images up unless my plans shift unexpectedly. They do have a way of doing that, but I don't expect them to today…


I needed a desktop dictionary, so I've been fiddling with a tool that sits on the taskbar, and when you click it you just type in a word and it gives you the definition and pronounciation, as well as the synonyms (if this is useful, it's totally public domain and I'd be glad to clean it up so others can use it).

Anyway, I've been listening to a lot of rap, mostly in Spanish, Russian, and French (so I don't really understand it that well, but it's helping me really “get” the artform on a musical level)… My new side-project, based on the databases used in the above, is a RAP ENGINE. Basically you feed in prose, and it breaks it down into a structured and rhyming rythmic entry. Should be fun.

And check this out… As I'm driving home the car in front of me has a custom license plate that says TWEED. Too funny. Well, to me anyway.

Want your 15 minutes?

Just got this mail… I honestly can't tell you that it wouldn't turn into a horrible exploitative mess (although the people I've talked to on the production team seem really nice), but the show does sound pretty funny… And the idea of a dozen “Joe-normals” having to grovel for the approval has to potential to be both hilarious and eye opening. Anyway, here's the complete email:

From: "Cheryl Perry" <>
To: <>
Subject: New SciFi Channel Show
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 12:06:07 -0700

Hello! I am a producer in Los Angeles working on a new show and I was hoping you might be able to help!

A. Smith & Co. Productions has joined forces with The Sci Fi Channel to produce a cutting-edge new reality series called Mad Mad House... and we are looking for the stars of our show!

We are scouring the country to put together a group of outrageous, eccentric and entertaining individuals who live very alternative lifestyles. This core cast will be known as The Alts. Like royalty, the Alts will live in and reign over a mansion called Alt Manor. They will get the chance to showcase their lifestyle and demonstrate their special skills to America, but the Alts biggest responsibility will be to choose a winner from among 12 "Joe Normal" contestants who will dare to come live with them in Alt Manor.

We are specifically looking for people whose unusual lifestyle is incorporated into every aspect of their lives no "bankers by day/vampires by night." The perfect Alts look the part, dress the part and live the part 24 hours a day!

We are currently looking for people who fit into these six categories:

1.Vampire a genuinely seductive creature of the night who has fangs and drinks blood--Goth make-up is not enough!

2.Witch a practicing Wiccan who can cast spells and conduct moonlit rituals!

3.Voodoo Priest a powerful expert in all things voodoo who knows how to conjure the loa spirits and conduct ceremonies.

4.Trekker a hard-core Star Trek fan who lives daily life as a member of the Federation: outfit, phaser, and communicator a plus speaking Klingon a plus!

5.Yogi Master a highly developed practitioner of yoga who can put self into a trance state, contort self into unimaginable positions, lie on a bed of nails and possibly even levitate!

6.Modern Primitive a seasoned body modifier with tattoos, piercings, implants and unusual rituals like hanging himself from ceiling hooks for hours at a time; experienced circus/carnival performers OK.

If possible, we would like to work with you to find someone who would be great for this show. We can offer you a "Special Thanks" credit at the end of the show if we book our "Modern Primitive" through you. We can talk more in detail about that on the phone.

I can be reached at ***-***-**** or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!


Cheryl Perry
Coordinating Producer

PS. If you apply, please do mention “I saw your contact info on” or something like that and maybe BME can get some free promo out of it as well.

At home

I'm back at the grinding wheel and am working on a new feature that I need for myself, but also one that will be (I hope) invaluable to suspension groups and so on that need to have the full features of an IAM diary, but limited to a usergroup subset of IAM. Anyway, I'll post more on that later today.

When I was out today a doctor approached me and said, “I really like the markings on your face… What do they mean? Are they family markings?”

I just thought it was be awesome to be asked that question — clearly someone with no preconcieved notions about what a tattoo means other than history (ie. African scarification, Maori tattoos, and so on). I told him that yes, calling it that would be one of the more accurate ways it could be described.

I also went to Starbucks for the first time in a long time just as a little treat (before you get mad, realize it's the only place in the area that can serve me iced soy coffees). I have to admit that it definitely succeeded in its “guilty pleasure” role and was much appreciated by the gulliver.

As I go out more since some tasks and errands move to me for obvious reasons, it continues to shock me how incredibly positive the reaction is to my facial tattoos. I really expected people would react more negatively — not that I'm complaining! I don't think I've had a single person that I've dealt with even really look at me funny, and all the questions and responses I've gotten have been genuinely inquisitive in a good way — that is, people seem to like it and want to know more (rather than simply posing judgements in the form of questions).

Tiny Update

This is the only public entry I will be writing on this subject. I will however be maintaining a private “baby diary”, so if I know you relatively well and you'd like to on the list that can see it drop me a line. I'm sorry I can't make it totally public but while I don't mind putting myself up for harassment, I'm not willing to extend that pleasure to my family.

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