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Try harder next time

I must have “world's most gullible dude” written across my forehead or something. Check out this submission I just got:

Subject: I need my BME

Here are some pics that I took after while removing the head of my cock. I hope you enjoy them.

Yeah, that's about as likely to fool me as “I've got your nose”. I'll realize it's just your thumb, and I've not been left disfigured… First, if you cut your glans off, there'll be A LOT of blood. Second, if you cut it off, you can't hold on to it like in the second picture!

Another person today sent in a “BME logo tattoo” that they drew on. Here's a hint: if you're a regular BME contributor that always sends in high resolution photos, and then you send in a shot of a logo tattoo and it's got weird blurring filters run on it, and you don't post it on your IAM page, I'll know something is up!

PS. I've been doing too many **ADULT** entries if you're wondering about the Japan-style censors.

Franko thought it was funny…

Subject: Frenum photo info.

Hi there I was wondering if you would post my frenum peircing on your site? It looks really nice, its a hoop. I was told not to do it but I did anyways and its great I love it!
I am from *** and there is deffinately a BM movement here... well if you want this where you can reach me back... I don't know if size matters but if it does I don't have anything to worry about my penis is 8 1/2 inches long...

Franko's reply:

From: Franko el Derbi
Subject: Re: Frenum photo info.

Sorry, that's not big enough. I know that everyone says that the norm is about 6", but I assure you, that's just a scam by men to feel better. Most of us are well over 18".

Franko el Derbi
Department of Wangs


I have to keep fiddling with the update software… but… before that I have to comment on some of the news of course.

Yesterday Fox news reported that the US marines had found “weapons grade plutonium”. Immediately the various neo-con fools jumped on the story and made wild accusations. After all, if Saddam had plutonium at that factory, it would mean not only that Iraq had an advanced H-bomb program, but that Russia, Germany, France, the UN, the IAEA, and others had worked to cover it up — a very serious accusation, one that would put the world on the brink of global catastrophe between major powers.

Remember, before you go wildly threatening nations: Iraq is nothing. It's a weak underpowered nation crippled by more than a decade of extreme sanctions. America outpowers it a thousand times over and there's no excuse miltaristically for not just rolling right over it without real resistance… That is NOT the case for the other nations being threatened.

But while the neo-cons were busy making their foolhardy accusations, the truth was revealed: there was no “weapons grade plutonium”. Just a bunch of nuclear waste. After all, it was a legitimate nuclear site. When the UN left, they sealed it up to protect the people and the environment. Why should we be surprised that the first thing the US Marines did was ignorantly smash open all the safety seals and drums of radioactive waste to find their “smoking gun”? All they did was open up the media for baseless threats against friendly nations and endangered both the troops and the people of the region to contaminants that were supposed to be there. (more, more).

Once again, the answer is stupidity.

But still, Rummy is insistent, warning of a “nexus between terrorist states” (more). Have people really watched that much TV that they'll believe that there's a massive conspiracy between legitimate governments and giant terrorist organizations to manufacture WMDs? Short of serious genetic shortfalling, or perhaps a strange gypsy curse, there's no excuse for being that stupid and naive, and if you can figure out how to find this page and read this far, you're smart enough to understand that if Rummy's claims were true, America would have a lot bigger problems than the relatively small and primitive attacks of 9/11/2001.

In Iraq, where war is still raging on, civilian casualty numbers continue to climb (more, more, more). Now, I think we all agree that given the size of the munitions being dropped, those casualty numbers could have been a lot higher. If this really was about brining peace and freedom to the area, then maybe we could play a “perhaps it was worth it” game… But given the likelihood of that happening is slim to none, we leave those corpses with no legacy. They died for nothing but making some corporations richer, as Baghdad slips into chaos (more).

The US promises that the Iraqi people will of course not choose their leaders, but like they've always done (more), the US will put in place a occupation puppet government (more). The Iraqi people on the other hand are demanding that the US leave immediately (more), and vow that suicide bombing will continue until they're gone (more), no matter what becomes of Saddam. You all know about the theft of the oil and other corporate victories, but it goes farther — the US may be forcing into place new export laws in Iraq allowing art dealers to loot the country for its artifacts (more). And, as the US says things like “countries like Iran and Syria should realize that if they don't 'reform' they'll have their own war to worry about” (more), everyone around the world asks, “are we next?” (more).

Are you looking forward to perpetual war? Yeah, for the first few years, maybe the first decade, it'll mostly kill people in little countries you'll never visit… but it will come home soon enough. And then your friends and family start dying. Stop war now if you don't look forward to that.

Quick links:

PS. Only Vermont can be proud of their leaders for caring more about Americans than corporations. (more).

BME mini-update

OK, with any luck a small BME update is now in place. Emphasis on small; just over 200 images. I'm still converting all the BME maintenance software to handle my new drive array so a lot of today has been finding glitches. Oh, if the image on the right is broken for you, then DNS hasn't propagated for you yet… It's being kind of problematic right now so I apologize in advance if there are hiccups over the next 72 hours or so.

I also wanted to share an update on the Israeli “tattooing” story that had been mentioned earlier. I wanted to fill in a little more info that I just got from an IAM friend that was there at the time:

The media went haywire about this incident (March 2002), and blew things out of proportion. What actually happened was that the a few soldiers, without orders, proceeded to make pencil/pen markings on a few Palestinians. I was in the army at the time, webmastering the IDF website, and I remember having us post something on this issue. Here's the link: "A briefing given by Col. Gal Hirsch, operations officer of the Central Command"... Even though we're not actually talking about tattooing here, I still think it's wrong, and inexcusable. Just wanted to clear up any misunderstandings.

There's always another side to a story.

I'm just waiting for the conclusion to that “Saddam has an H-bomb” farce. Oh, and I almost got arrested earlier today, but that's a story for another day…

I think some others of you may have answered this interview for a fellow IAM member's school project as well… Here are my answers. Again, I'm not really posting them here for others to read, more just to archive them for my own records… But, if you find them interesting in some way, feel free!

1. What is the purpose of working? Why do you work?

I don't believe in work per se. I believe in setting goals for myself that I believe will both enhance my life, and improve the world. There's definitely a great deal of work effort that goes into all this, but I'm just not down with being a slave, so I don't think that “work” in the normal context of the word is appropriate for what I do. I do the things I do because I believe they are what I should be doing. Hopefully they feed me in the process.

That said, I've had jobs in the past that most definitely did not meet those goals. While those jobs did make me very wealthy at the time, they also left me quite empty and burned out on the inside. I'd like to think I learned from those mistakes at least.

2. Tell us a little bit about your career.

As far as what's relevant to BME, I think my first “real” job was doing design work for VideoText systems and then on a product called “Perfect Terminal”. Next I worked as lead programmer in a fax-control product called “SciFax” which was included in a product we built for CNCP called the Fax Booth, a multi-media communications phone booth which handled all of the interactive media of the time (this was at the end of the '80s).

I'm skipping over a lot, but that lead me to develop a multi-line terminal emulator which was then later used as a multi-player interactive gaming platform but because BBS's were on the way out and the Internet was on the way in, it never really went anywhere. I then started doing both Internet development focusing on community and gaming systems (our primary customers at the time were in the online casino market), and then IVR (interactive voice response) development, also focusing on community and gaming work.

I started BME as a personal project just for fun, but as time has gone on, it dominates more and more of my time and resources and over the past couple of years I've been forced (not that I'm complaining) to start considering it my primary business and “career”. Given that I've been employed by everyone from Columbian drug cartels (using fax software sales to launder money) to the “Jewish Mafia” (Internet gambling engines) to Malaysian sex agencies (phone sex and personals systems), it's quite wonderful to be involved in projects that I can respect.

3. What inspired you to begin BME?

Nothing, really… I just felt like expressing myself.

4. What steps did you follow to start BME?

I never thought of it as a business, so I just did whatever I believed was right (rather than seeking to achieve some money-making goal). But to put it into a meaningful context, BME is an expression of truth. That is, it's what it is, not just a shell wrapped around a business plan. I've always put business second to protecting BME's truths.

5. Did anything you anything you learned in school help with your career? What and how?

Well, not really to be honest. After high school I rebelled against my family who were pushing me toward a science degree by accepting a fine arts scholarship. At that university I really didn't do much besides take and sell a lot of psychedelic drugs which later lead me to processing credit card databases for Russian gangs and processing identification systems for underage prostitution rings (hey, this was ten years ago, I think I can talk about it now)…

Anyway, I dropped out a year later. I eventually went back to university and took a year of computer science, which certainly did clean up some of my sloppy programming, but I wouldn't call any of it particularly helpful given how much money it cost.

6. Would you say you are successful in your career? Why or why not?

I put everything I've got into what I do, and I seem to be achieving or at least successfully working toward my goals, and I believe that I'm making the world a better place, at least a little, in the process. I'm very aware that sometimes everything in life comes crashing down unexpectedly, and who knows, maybe that'll happen, but I'm proud of what I do and even if everything collapses tomorrow I won't feel that I've failed.

I'm told I didn't really answer the questions like I was supposed to, but hey, those are my answers. It's not my fault I'm too dumb to understand the questions!

Misleading media? Psy-ops? Huh?

We've been deluged over the past day with repeated images of cheering Iraqis, thrilled that “the war is over” and Saddam has been overthrown (quick pre-explanation question: if 250 Iraqis celebrate when Saddam is overthrown, how many Americans — let alone Iraqis — would celebrate if Bush was overthrown?). We've watched a US flag smeared over the face of a statue of Saddam, as a US tank pulled it over with crowds of Iraqis cheering in the background. The image below is typical of what the Hollywood war machine is generating:

Wow, the Iraqis sure are happy, right! The middle photo is a Reuter's shot subtitled something along the lines of “happy Iraqi man welcomes liberating coalition troops”. It should be noted that this “event” took place right across the street from the Palestine Hotel where most of the media was located. Hey… There's a camera on the roof — let's look at the long shot:

That's kind of odd, isn't it? For some reason it's almost entirely deserted. Is that strange for a city of five million people? Let's take a look at a longer shot. To make it clear, I've circled the statue and the crowd shown on TV in green.

I've also circled some of the US tanks in yellow… So… Basically the area is deserted and surrounded by the US military. There's a cheering crowd of people that are positioned so that they look like a giant crowd in front of the cameras. Have you ever seen a small TV talk show taping? They don't have much of a live audience, but by the time it makes it to TV it sure gives that illusion.

Earlier today I'd mentioned the Ahmed Chalabi (more, more), who left Iraq in 1958 and runs the “Iraqi National Congress” who claim to be the rightful leaders of Iraq — he's just returned along with a small band of his thugs, with US protection of course. Incidentally, he's also outrageously wealthy, and is buddy-buddy with many people in the Bush regime. He was also indicted in 1992 for embezzlement and fraud (are you surprised he's associated with Bush). Anyway, here's a photo of him and some of his thugs from the Washington Post:

Oh! Hold on! I think I've seen that dude behind him before… But when I first saw him (look up) he was a cheering citizen of Baghdad. I don't know. Maybe it's not the same guy. Maybe that long shot photo has a different explanation… Come up with your own stupid (or very stupid) fairytale, hopefully one that sells a product or at least distracts you from the corpses of children… That's what the news certainly seems to do.

But remember a few things: There is still massive fighting going on in Baghdad and around Iraq, and will be for years potentially (more, more). Iraqis are killing returning “leaders” (more). Turkey is set to invade as well (more, more). US warplanes are pounding the Syrian border right now (more, more). Basra and other “liberated” cities are anarchy where armed gangs of thugs loot the city (more, more)… And so on…

"You'll see the celebrations and we will be happy Saddam has gone," one [Iraqi] said to me. "But we will then want to rid ourselves of the Americans and we will want to keep our oil and there will be resistance and then they will call us "terrorists". Nor did the Americans look [like] happy "liberators". They pointed their rifles at the pavements and screamed at motorists to stop one who did not, an old man in an old car, was shot in the head in front of two French journalists.

- Robert Fisk (more)

Then you've got the latest claim from Fox (more) that “weapons grade plutonium” has been found at the Iraqi nuke complex (more). Not only that, but they're saying that when people get within a hundred yards of the facility that the radiation counters go “off the charts”.

Let me remind people that the IAEA and weapons inspectors checked that site. For this story to be true, the UN inspections team and dozens of “friendly” Western states would have had to be involved in a massive cover-up designed to hide an H-bomb program by Iraq.

Will people believe anything?