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So I was checking my online balances because I was worried that some money owed to me hadn't come through when it should have and looked at my balances and saw something odd (an excerpt from a series of similar transactions):

For some reason $41,000 USD had been deposited into my account, $8 in service charges were applied to me, and then about a week later it was all taken out again (although I still had to pay the $8). This is an account that I don't even use except for the occasional wire — current (and typical) balance is $0.85.

Should I be worried? I'm guessing it's just some typical bank screwup… A few years ago we were woken up by a phone call along those lines:

Bank: Hello, this is *** *** Bank calling to let you know that we've just withdrawn $120,000 from your account. It's nothing to be concerned about.

PsyberCity: Wahhhhh.....?

This is back when we were getting started, and we rarely had more than a hundred dollars in the bank, let alone a hundred thousand! Turns out they'd simply accidentally transferred the money into our account earlier that week and just assumed that we knew and hadn't said anything I guess. When I was in highschool a friend had $5000 dropped into their account, but they were stupid and spent it and got themselves in some trouble.

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