Rat droppings in my tea

I had a dream last night that Netzapper was a hit man and had been contracted to kill me (I never knew who, but the implication was that it was some white power moron that I'd been insulting via Franko). He contacted me and let me know that he didn't have a choice — if he didn't complete the contract they'd (a) get someone else to do it anyway, and (b) probably kill him as well. So it was agreed that there were no other options…

I managed to get a “one day extension” so that I could write some more documentation on the nature of all of BME's database formats and so on so that would keep getting updated. I wanted to write some tutorials for CT so he could take over managing IAM's software but there wasn't time. At the end of the dream it was mostly scheming ways to first stop Aubrey, and then “disappear”. Not a scary dream or anything, just kind of weird in an “impending doom” sort of way.

I just got the following email:

From: "mike hunt" tatt2u69@...
Subject: pics

plaese start a portolio for me under mike warrick

Those are of course some of the images submitted; from left to right: 1. Proof that I have nothing to worry about no matter what Franko says; 2. World's worst Paul Booth flash attempt; 3. So proud to be white! It took so much effort to accomplish, best to commemorate it with a bad tattoo.

Franko's reply, and the subsequent answer back:

From: "mike hunt" tatt2u69@...
Subject: Re: pics

>1. Your tattoos suck. You should quit now before
>   you screw up more people.
>2. "White Pride" morons aren't welcome on the site.
>God bless,
>Frank O'Derby

fuck you buddy you didnt have to be an asshole about it my tattooss must not suck to bad because you posted them before and whos really the moron i see people with swatsica on your site all the time so your the bigest moron on there asshole

The funny thing is, I was actually wearing my “Friends of the Swastika” t-shirt when I got this email. Franko knows better though; the swastika is a treasured holy symbol all over this planet, and not because some Charlie Chaplain-looking dude made a fool of himself and hurt a lot of people for a while.

From: "Frank O'Derby"
Subject: Re: pics

You probably really are stupid enough to believe that Hitler invented the swastika, aren't you? And if you're going to be a good little Nazi, at least learn to spell "swastiKa"... Clearly you've failed at being a tattoo "artist" so I'll just ignore the fact that you spell tattoos with two S's. But maybe that's your secret SS code. Either way, don't bother sending in any more of your junk.

I will be praying for you. God bless,

Frank O'Derby

Sorry if that's not a particularly funny set of emails. I just have no patience or respect for stupid little white kids in the suburbs pretending to be Aryan gangstas. It's pathetic, and if that's what being white is about I'd be rather ashamed to be painted with the same brush. Don't call me white

Anyway, I'm testing some new tech in my image adder bots; expect a big BME update later today.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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