Monthly Archives: June 2003

Maps galore

I've added full event integration, buddy list integration, online status integration, current user plotting, as well as a manual mode. I've also added titling and cleaned up some bugs in the rendering of full-world maps (although it's far from ideal still). I've also added volumetric rendering.

All of the maps below were generated live on this server:

Buddy list Petition Event Attendees Online Status Volumetric Usage Volumetric Event Attendance

As you can see there are still situations it doesn't deal with that well (such as insane amounts of text)… Well, now off to do some “real” work… Making lunch that is, then calling the Magic Bus Company.

Why I live in Tweed

The photos here are all taken within 10 feet of Rob's house. Yeah, I know you were thinking that the British Virgin Island photos were sweet, but all places have their charm if you're willing to appreciate Gaia… I really love this time of year around here.

Drugs are good

So I was checking my online balances because I was worried that some money owed to me hadn't come through when it should have and looked at my balances and saw something odd (an excerpt from a series of similar transactions):

For some reason $41,000 USD had been deposited into my account, $8 in service charges were applied to me, and then about a week later it was all taken out again (although I still had to pay the $8). This is an account that I don't even use except for the occasional wire — current (and typical) balance is $0.85.

Should I be worried? I'm guessing it's just some typical bank screwup… A few years ago we were woken up by a phone call along those lines:

Bank: Hello, this is *** *** Bank calling to let you know that we've just withdrawn $120,000 from your account. It's nothing to be concerned about.

PsyberCity: Wahhhhh.....?

This is back when we were getting started, and we rarely had more than a hundred dollars in the bank, let alone a hundred thousand! Turns out they'd simply accidentally transferred the money into our account earlier that week and just assumed that we knew and hadn't said anything I guess. When I was in highschool a friend had $5000 dropped into their account, but they were stupid and spent it and got themselves in some trouble.

Radio interviews

For those interested in this sort of thing, I'm doing a 20-25 minute interview tomorrow morning on NPR; I don't know if you can listen online (although I think it can be downloaded later), but they have stations broadcasting over the vast majority of North America. Anyway, I think that's tomorrow morning at 11 AM EST. An audience of nearly 20 million people… damn!

I'm also doing another interview with Radio Caracol in Columbia on Saturday at about 9:45 EST, so especially for those of you who speak Spanish, they do have online broadcasting… Although last time we overloaded their server within 30 seconds of me mentioning it (sorry!).

I'll also mention that the pro verification process is finally back on track and we've just added the following folks: ScabBoy, pleasurepiercer, Metal Patrick, Maribelle Lebre, and Sque3z. Thanks!

Newsfeed and more

Sorry for not posting this sooner; I had some unexpected guests this afternoon. I hope they don't mind if I post here a few pictures from their trip — although if you want more of it (with lots of blood) you'll have to wait until the movie comes out.

Those are just the scenery (as if that's not enough), and in the actual movie is all that coupled with our particular brand of insanity. If the stories are any indication of what we're going to find on 30+ hours of DV footage, the movie just keeps getting better.

So… who's coming to South America? If your calendar is open in October and you've got what it takes, there are spots available on our crew potentially.

Now, the newsfeed…

Syndication, both via easy-to-use JS plugin and via XML/RSS feed is up and running (you can thank Critter for bribing me). I hope it's useful to someone; for more information on it, just click here.