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The fireworks just got here for the BMEfest BBQ. I made sure to grab all of the “just made legal in Canada” new products and also a pile of big sparklers for people… Thanks again to our friends at Kaboom who I think are now supplying us for the fourth year in a row! I definitely highly recommend them; always excellent product and customer service.

BMEfest shirts

I did some moving around of bus people (below); there's I think one spot still open, so if you want it, first come, first served. I'm off to down to finalize the crane contract for the suspensions, but the BBQ shirts all came in last night so I thought I'd post a few more pix:

Shirt back, Pain Olympics, Mr. BeanME, A Clockwork BME

I should also note that there are not just t-shirts; there are some hoodies and alternate colours and stuff as well. Dunno what the plans are with them yet precisely. Oh, and I think I said this before but the cost is $10 US for the shirts (or $15 or so CAD).

Not an exciting post

Just got a call from the fireworks company; all of that has been shipped and they've promised that it'll be an awesome show with what they've loaded three giant boxes full of munitions with.

I think I might ditch these contacts I've been trying today. My vision really isn't that bad; I can get by fine without either glasses or contacts, so there's no “need” issues. And, to be honest, I think I might just kind of like wearing glasses. I think I wear glasses that are fairly timeless and don't go out of style (perfectly round ones), but I was wondering about dated looks in general…

When a hairstyle is in fashion, or a style of clothing or glasses or whatever, do people at the time realize that it's going to look dated in a few years (or less)? I mean, it seems obvious now looking back on things what's a trend and what's not, but as someone who's never subscribed to trendiness I wonder if people who do understand its impermanence, and whether that might even be one of the drawing factors?

Maybe this silly drawing will make up for the inanity of this entry:

Reminder: Today is voting day at the PACKucinich (more) totally has my vote…

First draft schedule for BMEfest

I'm just rushing out the door right now, but here's a very very loose schedule of BMEfest. Remember, it is still just a BBQ, with some fun extras tossed in, so the vast majority of time is just socializing and hanging out with friends!

10:30 AM – The Magic Bus leaves Toronto from Union Station to Tweed.

Noonish – Astromen are GO! Feel free to arrive whenever though.

1:00 PM (or so) – The Magic Bus arrives.

Afternoon – Various bands; Monroe (via Dia), Teenage Junk (via Dan_Toronto), Dead Mazi (via Dreadboy), Fetchez La Vache (via snackninja), etc… The specific scheduling is flexible. Sound engineering by thatsenseofpar

6 – 7 PM – Crane suspension show. All of the suspension (and related) acts are being co-ordinated by Allen Falkner of TSD. He is who you should contact and work with if you are involved, although free to contact me as well. But he's the primary.

6:30 PM – Another band plays (see above; probably Monroe).

7:30 PM – The Pain Olympics – A round robin elimination tournament of pain and physical endurance based challenges. The first set of challenges are determined by the judges and doms to whittle down the playing field, with the second set being a series of cross-challenges. Open entry from the audience.

8:30 PM – Organical (via Mercury, etc.)

9:30 PM – Fireworks Show (assuming it's dark)

10:00 PM – Fire Show (by Orbax and monstar, etc.)

10:30 PM – The Legendary Klopeks (via Lemon Kurri Klopek, Sweet Pepper Klopek, leatherface667, etc.)

11:15 PM (or so) – The Magic Bus leaves Tweed for Toronto.

I know that I have missed people and events and maybe even bands in that list!!!! So if I've missed you it's because of my self-induced brain damage, not because I don't think you're the coolest dude in the world. Please contact me if I've forgotten you so I can ammend the schedule!

Also, I made up some postcards for people coming to BMEfest (the real deal too, not just cheap printouts from my computer on an inkjet or anything). Maybe a bit corny, but I don't mind that. Figure some people need something to send back to their parents to let them know they weren't off at some underwater basket weaving class or a meth-amphetamine symposium or whatever they've convinced themselves you do from listening at your door.

Well, I'm off…

A little bit of the old ultra-piercing…

Just got in photos of the front of the “Clockwork BME” t-shirt, as well as the back of all the shirts. The “Mr. BeanME” and “Pain Olympics” look great too but you'll have to wait to see those. But this is indicative of the quality. I'm totally thrilled with them!

The cost will be $10 US (or Canadian equivilent) at the BBQ (so please consider tossing a little donation in whatever bucket we have set up to cover the fireworks and various rentals if you can't — but it's “pay what you can” so don't feel bad if all your loot went to getting here and you can't afford to).