All of these videos are very low quality (256 kbps) renders of some of the footage shot at BMEfest. The clips below are not edited and don't have music; just whatever the ambient noise was. I apologize in advance about the quality and WMV format (ie. only download if you're using something that can play Windows Media files); if you think you are going to whine about that, please don't read further in this entry.

Otherwise, right-click and save whichever ones interest you.

1.2 MEG – 0:39
Highly irresponsible and dangerous use of fireworks (which I likely encouraged). I won't name the culprits, but you can guess…

1.8 MEG – 1:05
Double spinning beam with Phil, Rachel, and Jen. Watch for the terrifying finale!

0.7 MEG – 0:24
Spinning beam with Emrys and Luke. (First suspension of the day).

0.7 MEG – 0:24
Three man stacked suspension with Kilean and Brian on top and Bena on the bottom.

1.5 MEG – 0:53
Monstar, Josh, and Orbax all throwing giant fireballs with the Klopeks in the background.

4.5 MEG – 2:40
Check out some of the Klopeks's show; the video doesn't do it justice, but you'll get the gist of it. Go see them live!

4.0 MEG – 2:24
Watch Jon crash Steve's car. (No one was hurt, don't worry).

These are pretty heavily compressed, so don't worry about tipping me for the bandwidth. However, if you found the bonus clip (the car crash) gave you a chuckle, you could consider tossing a couple bucks in the “Help Jon pay back Steve for the damage” fund.

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