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First, I think I might have just bought Brian a ticket to Camp X-Ray… This wonderful package is wrapped in metal tape and all they'll be able to see through the cracks in the tape is electronics surrounded by… popcorn?

PS. Phoenix, AZ sucks. Bring on the flamewar…

For the big scary guy

Is it a TOS violation if you post a copyrighted image that's in fact a copyrighted image stolen from you? The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery can claim copyright all they want over the pictures they steal from BME, but I'd like to see them defend it in court. Hell, given that they're selling this image, maybe we should take them to court…

Not that I can spell graffiti

Check out the grafitti on Hex29A's page:

And ooooh — I like this game! I caught it from Cora who caught it from Baital. ONE of the following statements about me is false. Only one. Do you know which one (some of these might be old news to people who know me of course)?

  1. The creation of BME was made possible by a grant from the “High Park Bomber”, an eccentric urban terrorist who mined Toronto's High Park and was eventually captured after blowing part of a kid's leg off.
  2. I spent time in the Queens University medical program and have handled a human brain with my bare ungloved hands. I was asked to leave that program not long afterwards.
  3. I was almost expelled from university for poisoning my classmates as “performance art”… but was later awarded an “A” for the same project.
  4. I once crashed a 1970s Plymouth Fury into a gas station and destroyed their diesel storage facilities… and didn't have a driver's license or insurance at the time.
  5. I was once contracted to develop software for the Hell's Angels to broadcast clandestine dog fights over the Internet as a streaming pay-per-view site.
  6. I once inserted a trojan horse into a $100,000 piece of software that would self-destruct if the client didn't pay, deleting their system and endlessly quoting Bladerunner… and activated it.
  7. I once accidentally killed a person by picking them up and shaking them too hard.

If you play this game too, mention it in the forum so I can check out your list! Cora's list is a lot more exciting than mine. I seem to lead a boring life. Or at least I seem to lead a boring secret life I'll say! All my exciting stories are already told!

Cutters win this round…

I don't know if any of you are PubMed subscribers (if you're not, don't buy this article, it's a page long, contains no real information, and isn't worth the $30), but Cheyenne pointed me toward this interesting article (PMID 12031390, also in Urology 59 (6), 2002):

In it, the doctor describes a M2F patient who can not afford the costs of a surgical suite for a full (surgical amputative) castration. The patent comes in with printouts from BME/extreme (mentioned by name) describing various home castrations which the doctor then looks into and decides that Burdizzo castration is viable.

The procedure is done in his office, with Marcaine (an injectable local anesthetic which is publicly available) being injected into the spermatic cords. The Burdizzo was clamped on each cord for 30 seconds. The patient had no problem walking home, and no secondary problems were described – not even bruising! The testicles atrophied and the procedure was a success with the doctor describing the procedure as ideal for those who “wished to avoid the pain, expense, and scar associated with the open procedure.”

(If the “home method” is just as successful, far safer, less invasive, less damaging, and less likely to interfere with follow-up SRS surgery due to an absence of scarring, I'd love to know why people are still using full on surgical orchiectomy?)

That's got to be a first — doctors copying a procedure from the cutter community, and then deciding that the cutters got it right and were doing a superior procedure! Not that it'll change their methodology any time soon — as the doctor points out in this article that far more money is spent with the surgical route.

Anyway, I'm off to the gym again this morning. I will do my best not to have a heart attack… have to make sure I'm better hydrated this time. I've also been trying to up my caloric intake, but it's hard because I'm not used to eating that much, and it's wrecking havok with my digestion to up it so much.

Conspiracy time… is it worth voting?

I've reported on the fragments leading up to this story in the past (linking this story in January: “If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines”), but anyone planning on either (a) voting in the next US election, or (b) living on the planet Earth ought to read over the following story:

How To Rig An Election In The United States

PS. Also check out Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program