Phone interface

OK, this thing is really cool… If anyone else out there is toying with the notion of doing an online radio station, the JK Audio Inline Patch is the unit to get. I also have a much higher-end Genter unit, but this is better, and really simple to use.

It plugs inbetween the wall and the phone. On the back it has in and out jacks as both 1/8″ and XLR for feeding signals both to the phoneline and from the phoneline (so if you don't want to talk into the phone, you can use your computer's mic instead). The out signal can be a mixed mono signal, or you can send a stereo signal with each person on a different channel (ie. so if you're listening, I'd be in one speaker, and the person being interviewed would be in the other speaker). You can control the volume of each side of the conversation separately as well.

And yes, this means I start recording all my phonecalls. The quality is really good. I'm not getting any hum or background noise, and the separation is really clean.

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