So you've heard me talk here about what a good idea I think cattail whiskey is — cattails are more productive per acre than corn, and it's an idea that I don't think anyone has capitalized on yet.

Anyway, even though cattails used to be eaten very commonly in North America, I've never actually tried them before so I figured, hey, today is a good day to die, right? I realize they're not really “in season” right now, but I took a short walk and dug up a few roots.

As I understand it the leaves should be eaten pretty green, and the “flower” can either be eaten when it's young, or turned into flour once its dry… I was more interested in experimenting with the roots themselves, so I peeled them (using just the spongy part on the inside) and cooked them in garlic, peppers, and olive oil along with a few rougly chopped lower leaves.

The taste was great (but subtle), although the leaves were definitely too fibrous to eat as is; I don't know if steaming them or something might help. The roots were the gem of it though — prepared like this they tasted somewhere between a normal potato and a yam… Definitely something I'll try again, so if anyone has any experience cooking these sorts of things, please let me know your secrets.

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