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Thanks to MisterV for sending me this ad from today's Boston Globe for Kleenex. If you can't read it in the picture, it reads, “sixty seconds of anticipation plus two soft favorites equals one brave little big girl”, and at the bottom it calls this a “grown up moment”.

Not only is an old-style piercing gun shown (which even the piercing gun industry at this point largely accepts is dangerous), but it's being used without gloves or anything… You ever get the feeling that people are just getting stupider and stupider, or that society is stratifying into a small number that are “with it” and a giant number that are “extremely not with it”?


It's raining like crazy here right now… I really like the rain, it's the blood of the earth.


Still chugging along on the update. I'll probably post it in about 10 hours or so. Big thanks to folks like luvpain99 (and many others) for all the wonderful pictures.

I wanted to mention this story brought to me by KannibalTheCat… It's not really body modification related per se — it's about assissted suicide. As I see it, clear-headed suicide is probably the single-most radical statement on “absolute personal ownership of the body” a person can make (whether you agree with it or not), so I follow the subject. Anyway, next week Hell on Earth will be doing a live webcast (assuming they aren't stopped) of a suicide (terminally ill, before you ask) as an art statement.

Other than that I ordered some CDs for BME/RADIO… With any luck we'll start doing some broadcast tests in this upcoming week. Watch here for details (once it gets rolling for real there will be a schedule on the main site that's always updated).

PS. One thing that weirded me out when I was in Hawaii recently is that long hair gets you instinctually called “Ma'am” pretty regularly. I don't think I've had that happen to me since 1987 here!


To: Amy P**** <***>
From: Frank O'Derby
Subject: Re: banned from your gay ass chat

At 9/26/2003 11:50 PM -0400, you wrote:
>your sites bmezine, bme shop and , bme world are subject
>to a wide spread boycott by piercers who are frequent buyers
>and subscribers for the banning of me and others from the
>chatroom. the boycott will not be lifted until we are all
>allowed back in the chat. if you think you want revenge by
>sending me a virus, I have a firewall and word for legal
>forcers against such actions. write back, Zach P**** , FBI

I am terribly sorry about this misunderstanding. BME does host a free chat service about body modification, but it's not specifically about "Gay Asses", so I'm not sure which chat room you are actually trying to access. Perhaps you are visiting the wrong site. I'm sure if you type "free gay ass chat" into a search engine such as you may find something more to your liking.

Perhaps myself and your legion of activists who feel strongly about your banning from this gay ass chat should sit down for tea some time and discuss this and other things, like baboons. I'm sure you are both a wonderful conversationalist and perhaps even conservationist. But then again, don't we all care about the rain forest?

Say hello to everyone at the FBI for me.


Frank O'Derby
Chat Superintendent


Chugging along on the (overdue?) image update which I'll try and post tomorrow (probably about 2,000 images I'm guessing)… There's definitely some great stuff in it. To make the work more fun I've finally set up my stereo, so instead of headphones I dug out my old (but nice) Boston Acoustics speakers that I got when I was living in Philly… The audio goes from an external firewire drive to my portable, which shoots it across the network to my hub, which passes it to the stereo itself.

Oh, and I got this cool shirt from an old friend in Brazil today! Thanks! (PS. It says “eat more vegetables” if my Portuguese is as good as it should be in a better world)…

Got to drive around in Rachel's Toureg V8 today and play with the nav system which is kind of neat… it talks to you, tells you when to turn and all that. However, the map coverage for rural areas and small towns is very incomplete (not that you really need it). We're going on a longer drive on Sunday I think to test it out more.

PS. For those interested in online radio, Keith will be doing an interview with the owner of NY Adorned tonight… If you go to at 8PM EST tonight you can click the listen live button and tune in.

Oh, and I apologize about the quality of writing here lately. It seems really disjointed. I'm fairly certain that something large and heavy may have fallen on my head recently, but of course I have no memory of it happening.