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HA Rotheram

Thanks to RooRaaah for forwarding me a photo of some of the responses from IAM members that got published in response to the “HA Rotheram” letter in the Wirral Globe (click here for my original posting on the subject).

PS. They hate us for our freedom.

News posting

So everyone, the EU included, is all freaked out over Iran (more), which appears to be getting closer and closer to having a functional nuclear weapons program. Israel is threatening bombing runs over their nuclear sites, to which Iran replies it will give Israel “a slap it would never forget — not only during several years but for all its history” (more). Bremer is claiming that Iran is behind the attacks in Iraq (more), and the US warns that Iran's long-range ballistic missiles can be armed with biological warheads (more)… Remember a few weeks ago when I linked to a story claiming that the only way Bush could win the next election was to either go to war with Iran, Syria, and/or North Korea, and/or cause another 9-11-style attack? Guess what… Bush's approval rating is at his lowest ever (more). I wonder what he'll do?

"I determine that [Iraq] planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001."

- George Bush, March 18 2003

"We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with September the 11th."

- George Bush, September 14 2003

Of course, we can all come up with a pretty endless stream of quotes with Bush and the Cabal lying to Congress to start this money-maker stealer of a war. I don't get the impression that people particularly care to do anything about it. Every single claim has turned out to be fully fraudulent, and the only people suffering appear to be the “little people”.

Boom! Explosion near an oil pipline (more). Boom! Explosion in Bagdad (more). Bang! More US troops just got killed for no good reason (more)… It's not good. People just keep dying for nothing other than to put money in wealthy people's pockets. Pow! $100 million dollars to another defense contractor profiting from fear (more). Well, it's a big pot to steal from I guess… almost four hundred billion dollars next year (more).

What do Iraqis have to say about all the attacks on US troops? (more)

"The Americans will be attacked and killed all along the road between Ramadi and Fallujah. It's the highway of death. All Iraqis are united in the jihad, whether they be Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis or Shiites. We don't need America, we did not ask for their help. We pulled off the revolution in 1920 against the British.

[The attacks give] me great cause for joy because we are fighting an occupying power that has come with false promises and brought chaos to the country. We want progress but things were better in the days of Saddam. At least there was order and security."

So basically, it's a lose-lose situation. Leave, and extremists take power of an oil-rich nation that'll hate America for decades. Don't leave, and you drain the US coffers, risk attacks on US soil, and deal with a drawn out guerrilla war that demoralizes the military and the public. There may be no good solution at this point.

More from the “oops” department that seems all too popular. US troops just fired on an Italian official brought in by the US to head up recovery efforts on antiquities and killed his translator (more). Their car came up on a US roadblock, and the kids working it didn't think he was following directions properly so they opened fire… If “shoot first, ask questions later” is standard practise, it's no surprise things are so messed up!

That was fun…

I just did this interview with a magazine in France…

0/ Can you tell us about When and why did you create this website?

Through contacts in the eunuch and medical SM communities (a shockingly massive subculture of doctors performing radical surgery on their “slaves”, often in collaboration with other doctors and in a “scene” context), I started to come in contact with those that crossed over with the “erotic death” community. That is, the community that sought to end life with a final orgasmic moment so grandiose that one could not survive it. I created the website in an attempt to both explore that community and to give them a safe and anonymous outlet to communicate.

1/ When and why did you stop it?

I stopped running the website for legal reasons; I have more mainstream businesses that I didn't feel comfortable putting under such threat.

2/ Do you think people got (voluntarily) killed through your website?

I don't believe so, no, and even if I did believe that it probably wouldn't be in my best interest to discuss the specifics!

3/ Why do mutilation and cannibalism make some people horny?

I think that mutilation and cannibalism make some people “horny” because they represent a pinnacle of both sensation and physical commitment to a sexual act. Normal people become aroused by subjectively extreme sex as well — for some it's oral sex or unusual positions, for others it's sexual marathons or swinging or public sex. In the case that you're asking about, some sexually advanced (and deviant) individuals have raised it to this level. It's “sex amplified.”

4/ Why do people have their genitalia removed? Does nullification really make people happier (or less unhappy)?

Very few people actually get their penis removed; most get castrated, which is just removal of the testicles. Other than not being able to have children, if the man takes testosterone, functionally he is the same as before, so it boils down to fetish. Others do it because of gender identity issues, and others do it in part for fear of cancer — there are many, many reasons, and most are fairly “normal” and “healthy”. The majority of men are happier after their castration.

As far as penectomy (removal of the penis itself), in the case of most men it is also related to sexual fetish on some level. It's representative of how they choose to present themselves sexually (usually as submissives, but definitely not always) — many men are very turned on by the idea of a nullo boy-toy. Keep in mind as well that through anal stimulation (the prostate) and nipple play penectomized men are still very able to orgasm and often have rich and fulfilling sex lives. Again, most men who choose it voluntarily are very happy with their penectomy.

5/ Is castration a deviate kind of suicide or a deviate kind of murder?

For most people it is nothing of the kind — the vast majority of the eunuch subculture would likely be absolutely horrified at the thought of eroticized death.

6/ Can you tell us about the cutters you have met? (when and how did you get in contact with them? Can you describe the most active? what are their goals? Why do they help other people to amputate themselves?)

Most cutters I have met have been very kind and caring people who do these procedures because they care about helping people who need them. That said, I won't deny that many of them also enjoy doing the procedure as well, although in most that is a secondary factor.

The most active cutters tend to operate through word of mouth and through referrals from previous “customers” who act as a screening service — it's not as if they can legally advertise their services. Because of that, they have to be fairly charismatic and friendly.

7/ Are they frightening? Do you think they could go further in sadism by killing people?

Hey, we all know that the serial killer is always the “nice quiet guy next door”… The majority of the cutters I've met in person have been very friendly and non-threatening. They don't seem any different than normal people when you meet them. They look normal and you'd never pick them out of a crowd as deviant in any way. That said, those that also cross over into the erotic death community are very good at hiding their interests and it always comes as a surprise to me when I find out. I think it's because erotic death is an “intellectual” interest sexually, unlike for example pedophilia, which seems to be much more carnal — most pedophiles have much more difficulty hiding their desires.

8/ Can you tell us about trophy hunter?

Trophy hunters are the cutter equivalent of men who come back from hunts and safaris with the heads of the animals they've killed — perhaps the most famous trophy hunter in this community was Ted Bundy of course, although the majority are far more sane than he was! Basically a trophy hunter is a person who desires to keep souvenirs of their sexual exploits. On a lighter level, it's not much different than the frat boy who collects panties.

9/ In Modcon, there is a picture of amputated sex in a plate with fork and knife. Who made this? Why?

Because that involves an active court case I can't talk about that particular picture.

10/ Why do people associate amputated sex with food?

I'm sure on some Freudian level, heavy sex involves both consuming your partner and being consumed by them on a metaphorical level. It's not surprising that some people should choose to “make it real”.

11/ Do you think Armin M, the german cannibal, shares with your cutters the same profile? Are they gay like him? Are they upper-class people?

In my experience most cutters are either gay or very gay-friendly, although that's because I tend to deal with cutters in the eunuch community. In the SM and erotic death and medical communities the majority are heterosexual — I don't believe their general makeup in that sense is unusual in relation to the general population. Most cutters are well-off financially and well educated, although there are of course many exceptions to this rule. It's difficult to generalize.

I have work to do

From John Sugg, as he tells the story of yet another innocent American totally unrelated to terrorism having his family's life destroyed by the new America (more):

Why do we have a PATRIOT Act? To control, to silence, to intimidate loyal, patriotic Americans. It's part of the plan.

In the same 1984-esque vein, this story comes from the files of the “if you can't rewrite history, plan B is to erase it” department…. Ooops! The military just lost all records pertaining to the 507th, Jessica Lynch's unit (more). Yeah, just like the Sick Kid's Hospital building in Toronto that kept all the records for the experiments on epileptic children mysteriously burned down, and most of the doctors involved died violent deaths (more).

Of course, if you really want silly, Thomas Friedman claims that not only is France an enemy of the US, that it is actively at war with America (more). Now, of course there's an element of truth as all nations vie for the same resources, but the singling out of France is bizarre.

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