Shoe betiimal or hetiimal eh?

I haven't been posting on this subject much lately (too much “real” work), but the latest thing blown up in Israel by a suicide bomber is the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa (more) — twenty people killed, fifty injured. Now, I'm definitely sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinians and I understand why they're desperate enough to launch these types of attacks. However, why blow up a restaurant that's jointly owned by Jews and Arabs? Seriously. If your goal is peace and some level of unification, then things like jointly owned businesses should be a symbol of a better future.

Oh right.

I forgot.

No one wants peace.

Along those lines, I wanted to mention another story on how US troops are getting screwed over by their employer. OK, you know how even if you're on active duty you get occasional two-week vacations to cool off and recouperate? After all, a two year tour in Iraq must be hell.

Well, tough luck for all but the wealthy.

US troops in Iraq are being expected to pay for their “vacations” (more). That is, if they want to go to Spokane, WA to see thier kids, or just to Budapest to party, they have to foot the bill. If not, “have fun on your vacation in Tikrit.” Feel free to take a look at and see how much it costs to fly home commercially from George Bush International Airport in Baghdad…

Either offer vacations or don't. But telling troops that only those from rich families (it's not as if a military grunt wage covers this stuff) can go home on vacation is pretty messed up…

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