Brief update: The only code that appears to have been damaged is the rating button for the forum search tool. I'll try and get that recoded in the next few days — if I don't, please do feel free to remind me as it's an important function.

OK, for the curious I thought I would explain the work that was done today. The diaries (up until today) are built around a database that contains some information on where the content of the diary entry is stored is, as well as the diary entry's date for sorting (and searching) purposes — and nothing else.

The new format stores all of that, as well as an 8-bit category array so you can define eight different “types” of entries and file a given posting into any one or more of those categories — so you will be able to, for example, browse my page showing only IAM software updates, BME updates, news postings, personal pictures, or whatever depending on how I choose to categorize. This will also be very useful for people hosting events.

In addition, I've added a 16-bit status flag array. Right now this is slated to tag an entry's type. Right now all entries are just text and still image postings, but in the not too distant future it will also include voice entries (ie. when you call IAM on the telephone and speak your entry), as well as video entries (from cellular videophones and digital cameras and so on).

Finally, there are four bytes left over for future use should we need them for anything. I didn't actually want to include them, but it turns out that a compiler oddity forced me to create an entry length that was the same as the old one — I was not happy when I found that out, and it brought back terrible memories of a time long ago when years of development on a similar product were brought to a screeching hault when my compiler not only failed but ceased to be supported by the vendor. I'll tell that story another time though.

Anyway, the picture below is there to help calm me down. It's been a high-stress day as you can imagine. I do not enjoy modifying code that manipulates highly valuable personal documents that I have no good means to back up! Anyway, I really do want to emphasize: If you notice anything strange in anything to do with diary entries, please let me know IMMEDIATELY so I can make sure it's not a problem!!!!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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