Will you come for the revolution, or will the revolution come for you?

The recently proposed bi-partisan (by far left Democrat Dennis Kucinich, and libertarian Republican Ron Paul) “Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act” — also supported by the ACLU, the NAACP, the American Muslim Voice, the Religious Action Center of Reformed Judaism, and others — which would serve to repeal parts of the Bush Cabal's repressive Patriot Act as well as some of the questionable DoJ action (more) got me thinking about the real nature of the Bush government and the forces currently in control of America.

I realized that America currently has a unique form of government that I think is best described as privatized communism (aka McCommie). Think about it — a huge and steadily increasing government and government contractor workforce (eventually everyone will either work for the government or for a megacorporation directly in control over the government), increasing conglomeration of power, repealing of rights, commercialized patriotism, and a power imbalance that puts the control into the hands of extra-national and often monopolistic megacorporations. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Bush Cabal are not Republicans, and they're certainly not Americans.

So for Republicans reading this, perhaps consider that if you want to be a good Republican maybe you should be opposing Bush and his corporate power grab, rather than standing “proudly” behind him… But maybe you work for one of the hundred or so oil and finance companies that met in London on Monday to discuss their Iraqi “investment opportunities” (more)? What, you thought the war on terror didn't have spoils? All war has spoils, and they go to the victor! Now, some advice to those thinking about profiting from this war. The best investment you could make? DICK CHENEY (more)… that dude's a goldmine for his masters.

SIDENOTE: You know how when you're watching a movie, it's always the black guy that gets killed first? I wonder… will they take out Powell? Noise is starting to be made suggesting he's going to have to take the fall (more).

Moving on, some people say it's wrong to be mad at France. Now, personally I think that the reasons people are mad at France tend to be way off base, and the ways they express them are downright ludicrous, but it is important to understand that France really is America's enemy, and France and America really are at war (along with America versus most of Europe)… I've talked about this financial war regularly here, and as you watch international commerce shifting from the USD to the Euro (ie. the US losing critical control of strategically essential financial territory), you start wondering what must be going on behind the scenes — in the past two decades we've seen a dozen industrialized countries have their economies collapse and their currency devalue (the US dollar has plunged over the last two years). Please don't be so blind as to believe it can't happen to you.

Anyway, France, Russia, and Germany — three of the US's most powerful financial enemies — just backed off on demands that the UN take a central role in Iraq (more). Ask yourself why. None of these nations (nor rarely any other nation) has ever acted in anything but their own interest — and they have consistently and publicly taken actions over the past two years to damage the US economy. So why are they backing off of Iraq? Could it be that they have decided that the risk outweighs the benefits? That they know it could become a quagmire that could be the straw that finally drags the US out of its dominant position, and they'll gladly watch, cheering on in the sidelines as New York burns?

Take that seriously as you read the reports of soldier after soldier coming back dead or crippled (more). As the bloated corpses of US troops float down the Euphrates, think about what their flesh lost its life for (more), take it seriously. Take it seriously as US troops commit suicide rather than fight in this war (more). As prisoners disappear (more), take it seriously. As you watch America risk its future, realize that its your inheritance that's being stolen — remember, the megacorporations don't care who they're selling to… if it turns out to be profitable (and war is very profitable) to have America collapse, America will collapse.

I wrote some time ago that in order to maintain power the Bush Cabal would have to either launch more attacks on American soil a la the 9/11 attacks, or it would have to make this soon-to-be World War larger. So let's look at what's in the news today — upcoming war on Syria (more), and also against Iran (more). Now, America might be able to take on Syria, assuming it didn't cause more Arab nations to get involved, but Iran is a heavyweight target. They have a nuclear program, quite possibly including weapons, hundreds if not thousands of times the firepower of Iraq, to say nothing of the popular support from Muslims around the world if such a war is continued.

Ask yourself who is profiting from this. Are you?

Now is not the time to become numb to this. How many times have American lives — and lives around the world — been lost due to fraud perpetrated to put gold in coffers that already overflow (more)? America hasn't entered a war legally or truthfully in over a hundred years now. Enough is enough.

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