Jeff Edgarian, 1982/06/09 – 2003/10/15

Last night I received the following letter that I'd like to share here:

Dear friends of Jeff Edgarian:

I found your emails on Jeff's (Genjuro's) IAM account, you are his friends. I am his brother Tristan. I am sorry to inform you all that my dear brother passed away 15 October 2003. He was struck by an SUV while riding his motorcycle back home from school. They police informed us his death was instant. He was twenty one years old.

You are all invited to attend his funeral on 11:30 am Monday, 20 October, at Forest Lawn Glendale in the Church of the Recessional.

I am aware and accepting of his bod mod lifestyle. I love him unconditionally and respect how spiritual the mod experiences were to him. He was such a strong creative unique and brilliant person. Of all the people in my life he means the most to me.

You are free to present yourselves as you are, despite the fact that this funeral is going to be dominated by OLD COUNTRY Armenians who barely know english, let alone have an understanding of American youth. Both Jeff and I were a bit ostracized for our lifestyles so any support I can have from you on that day is much appreciated.

Thank you and best wishes,
Tristan Edgarian

Friends of Jeff's wanting to attend the funeral can contact YoYo for directions and more information. As Johann writes,

He was one of the first few people I spoke to on BME. First we started talking about bowling. I was suprised to find someone that bowled and so we started talking even more. Then we had video games in common and building computers. He was amazing in everything we spoke about excelling in everything he knew. I always had great conversations with him, funny and serious. I'm trying to wrap this up the best I can, but I know I cannot even scratch the surface in only describing to you all the amazingness that is Jeff.

Finally, I wanted to also share what Sque3z had to say,

He was a good kid. Almost too good. I loved this guy for who he was and what he stood for. He was an avid collector of body modifications and loved the industry and his friends too. We took him up for his first and last suspension on Sunday Oct. 12th, just 4 days before his death. Now he is partaking in all the suspension he can get his hands on!! "He will be missed and Jeff, I will supply the hooks next time!!!"

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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