Food is good

We don't have a lot of food here; I was going to go grocery shopping but I put it off on account of being in Toronto. All that was in my fridge (vegetable-wise) last night was a red bell pepper, so I fried that up along with some canned corn and white navy beans in a sauce I made primarily out of habaneros, garlic, sugar, nutmeg, and lime. Turned out very well.

A couple days ago I ate at a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant — one of the first times in a while I've walked away from a restaurant happy about the food. Normally I just go for the company since it's rare to eat somewhere where I couldn't prepare a better meal myself. Anyway, at this place I had a variety of mock meats that were so close it was almost disturbing. According to Phil it's because when monks (vegetarian) were traveling with pilgrims (not vegetarian usually) they learned how to cook perfect meat substitutes in order to “trick” the pilgrims into being vegetarian as well.

So now my latest food mission is to first learn how to work with seitan (gluten) properly, and then learn to work it from scratch… I've been looking over some how-to's and it doesn't look difficult (just a little time consuming). I'll report back on the experiments when I have results!

Other than that I've installed SpamAssassin on my server (I was — and still am — running Spamnix locally, but with over 20,000 spams daily I can't keep straining the satellite link without risking them cutting me off or raising my fees). It shouldn't affect anything, but if the next update rolls around and you haven't gotten a reply on your image submission, please drop me a line so I can confirm it's not set too aggressively.

Besides prepping for tomorrow's big BME update, my plan for today also includes cleaning one of the barns to move one or two of my babies back here to do work on them. I'm probably going to shift the Laser body onto the Kelmark chassis and start rolling on the bodywork. Other than the way the brake pedal is set up, it's a pretty seamless swap.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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