thinking of you this room becomes a shrine

So I came in to town to upload a pile of images I'd made for the still fledgling encyclopedia system but I seem to have burned the wrong directory of files… So that's the end of that plan. I don't really feel like driving back and getting it so it's going to have to wait until another day.

(Canada's a pretty country, as are all countries.)

At least the drive in was nice. It's raining here right now and I love the rain… It's a short drive; I only got to listen to one song on the radio. Sweet Marie by Phaser, a perfect blend of psyche rock, shoegazing, and country blues. Of course, I like most things that make good use of a slide guitar.

Not that I miss being single or alone, but one of the things that I miss from when I lived by myself was being able to play music loud any time I wanted. I have great Sennheiser headphones, and I've hooked up my old Boston Acoustics speakers to my stereo and computer, but it's not the same as being able to really pound my old big stereo.

You know who doesn't like the rain though?


Last time I was on the train we were pulling into Guildwood (just outside of Toronto). Their station sits at the top of a slight hill and as we started to pull up, we slowed… and slowed… and stopped before the station. We paused.

And then we started to back up — five miles back.

It turns out that when there are leaves on the tracks (this being fall there were many), when they get wet they act as a lubricant between the train and the tracks and it gets no traction. We literally had to back way up to get enough speed to make it up the hill. It sounds unreal, but it's true.

Well, I've got a busy week over the next two days… Transporting some cars, doing a big update, and putting together some back end stuff so Jon can release the hugely renovated and monstrously improved iam.crush toy. And then we're off to the Netherlands and more shortly.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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