Help from the UK?

I got this letter (and have been given permission to post it). If anyone in the UK has useful advice for him, please do drop him a line. I don't know what the specific laws are there as well as I do here and in America.

From: Citisen Erased <>
Subject: A Plea for Help

Mr. Larratt,

I am writing to you, to tell you of a problem which occurred today between 8:30am and 9:10am (GMT).

Before school today (I am 16 years old), I had problems trying to put in the retainer for my lip piercing. It decided that it would rather go in half way, get stuck and then hurt a lot. After this I decided to just leave my lip ring in and see what happened at school.

As soon as I reached my classroom my teacher confronted me and sent me to the head of my year group. She told me that unless I took it out I would be sent home, and listen to this, because ' The headmaster doesn't like facial piercings.'

So, of course, I refused to take it out - I will not obey a ignorant, narrow-minded, old man who ' doesn't like facial piercings.' The school have used numerous excuses in the past to why students cannot wear facial piercings or more than one pair of ear studs. One of the excuses was, ' They are too dangerous and we are not allowed to let you wear them for health and safety reasons.' - I fail to see how one lip ring is more dangerous than the numerous lobe and cartilage piercings that one of the teachers sports.

A least now I know it is by choice that the head teacher stops us from sporting piercings, not by requirement.

Now is where you come in. I am a 16 year old, male, United Kingdom resident. I have very little body mods (but am very interested in getting more)- only my lip, 16g in right ear and 6g in left and I am asking for your help with this situation.

I just want to know what experiences you, or maybe even Mr. Sprague and other BME members, have had with the matter and what your advice is. Maybe you can help me with more than advice, but anything you can contribute is welcome.

I know this all seems very dramatic over one lip ring, but there is a much deeper issue here that I am willing to fight. I will NOT be discriminated against and denied the right to an education because of my personal beliefs and modified appearance. In four days I will be getting two nape piercings and plan to keep these too, along with the many mods that are planned in my future.

Yours sincerely,

David H*****
Slightly modified,
and very pissed off student.

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