Today I have to work on copyright clearances for the BME movie soundtrack… Because it's a low-budget project (although still probably about triple Clerks) I have to convince labels and artists to allow me to use their work for as close to free as possible. I'll mostly be working with indie labels so I hope they appreciate the project and want to be involved…

Other than that I'm going to start encoding the experience engine software. If you've ever wondered how an idiot savant programs (or just want to know what's in the new software), here are my notes for it:


They say that Tesla designed his experiments in his head, and then ran a “simulation” of them. After a week, he'd examine the virtual devices for wear and tear and refine the design. Eventually he'd build them “for real”… I'm not suggesting I'm actually running code in my head, but I do try do that as much as possible. I think that's pretty normal for programmers that were self-evolved or apprenticed rather than, say, going to school (where one is taught more formal testing and proofing techniques).

What's interesting is that (if I'm to believe what I read online) there's a schism between the two schools of thought on software design — one is characterized by the idea that programming is an artform (ie. Bill Joy's concept that code is a form of poetry), and the other characterized by the idea that programming is engineering… What I found additionally interesting is that people who program full time (ie. where it's life-defining rather than “just a job”) tend to be plagued with the same memory disorders that I have — which leads me to wonder if a long period of thinking about code actually alters the structure of the human brain. Logically it should, when you think about how the brain works.

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  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    Shadowboxing is done by all and should be done moreso but on the brain alteration regarding structure, dont forget what you wrote about having cats. I guess all things serve the whole. Cats and code = super greatness.

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Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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