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These funmails aren't particularly inspired (thus no replies), so I apologize for that. Anyway, this first one is to “matfli” in Germany, who sent in some well-known stolen pictures from PFIQ and from Creative Art Collective:

>I'd rather send in some pictures.

Thank you so much for sending in your pictures. I'm not sure what city in Germany you are in, so I am unable to contact you directly. I have instructed our operatives to place your password in a small orange cannister. It has been placed into the sidewalk stream in Freiburg and will be floating there for the next 72 hours. After that it will be fired in a rocket toward Liel, where you can find it in a RED cannister located at the West end of town assuming our targetting is accurate.

Enjoy the site, and thank you again for sending in your photos,

Frank O'Derby
Department of Members

PS. More information concerning this matter can be found at

Diego from Argentina forgot to remove the GooGirls logo when he sent in “his” photos:


Thank you so much for sending in these photos of your piercings. Without people like you sending in photos of themselves, the site could not survive.

As a thank you, we have created a membership in your name and donated it to cancer victims in Fiji. I'm sure you must be very happy about this.

Enjoy your membership,

Frank O'Derby
Department of Donations

Finally, this one is from our buddy “Crusayder” who sent various pix stolen from BME and elsewhere, also in Germany (almost all the stolen pictures I get come from France and Germany, with a much smaller percentage coming out of South America and eastern Europe):

>Hi people,
>i send u some gooood stuff....
>poease send me my free password now!!!

You sure did, thank you so much for sending in these photos of yourself and your wife. Without good couples such as yourself, the site wouldn't get any photos.

As a special thank you, I have instructed our operatives to capture a small cat or dog at the local park. This animal will be tattooed with your username and password. After three days of rituals the creature will be skinned. A small carpet, suitable for a 1/30th scale home, will be made from this and mailed to the German Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq where you can retrieve it and the password tattooed on it.

Thank you again for sending in your photos,

Frank O'Derby
Department of Small Animals

PS. If you have any concerns about this, please contact our headquarters in Tikrit and ask for Shannam.

It's definitely an emergency

I have a theory that states that if I deface everything I own — plaster my computers with dumbass stickers and so on — that no one will ever steal them. I lived in downtown Toronto for ten years and never locked my doors, even when I was out of town for extended periods. What, you thought that segment in Bowling for Columbine was kidding? That was my neighborhood. Thanks to those of you who send me stickers from time to time. I do put them to good use.

Take me to your leader

I've talked about Titan (one of Saturn's moons) here before as a possible place for non-Earth life in this solar system. Earth is a water-based biosystem, and the Earth exists at the tri-point of water — water simultaneously exists in solid, liquid, and gaseous form here. Titan on the other hand is at the tri-point of methane (an energy-rich organic substance); the surface has long been thought to be convered in methane lakes and methane icebergs, evaporating into methane gas — an ideal environment for life. Recent radar scans (more) confirm it… I have to admit I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results when ESA splashes down its Huygens probe in January of 2005.

Along those lines you may remember just over a year ago (more) when I mentioned the possibility of life on Venus as well (here's another link on that). In November of 2005 the Venus Express probe launches to investigate that further… These are exiting times to be alive — we're watching civilizations crumble, cultural and spiritual revolutions, and perhaps even mankind's solid realization that we are but a tiny piece of a gigantic living universe.

I'm sure things must have seemed exciting in the Renaissance as well, but I sure am glad I'm alive today. Of course, I'm pretty sure that by the time I'm a hundred I'll be wishing I'd been born seventy-five years later! Rachel says that all my recent photos make me look older than I actually look… Maybe I'm seventy-five already?

Shoe betiimal or hetiimal eh?

I haven't been posting on this subject much lately (too much “real” work), but the latest thing blown up in Israel by a suicide bomber is the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa (more) — twenty people killed, fifty injured. Now, I'm definitely sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinians and I understand why they're desperate enough to launch these types of attacks. However, why blow up a restaurant that's jointly owned by Jews and Arabs? Seriously. If your goal is peace and some level of unification, then things like jointly owned businesses should be a symbol of a better future.

Oh right.

I forgot.

No one wants peace.

Along those lines, I wanted to mention another story on how US troops are getting screwed over by their employer. OK, you know how even if you're on active duty you get occasional two-week vacations to cool off and recouperate? After all, a two year tour in Iraq must be hell.

Well, tough luck for all but the wealthy.

US troops in Iraq are being expected to pay for their “vacations” (more). That is, if they want to go to Spokane, WA to see thier kids, or just to Budapest to party, they have to foot the bill. If not, “have fun on your vacation in Tikrit.” Feel free to take a look at and see how much it costs to fly home commercially from George Bush International Airport in Baghdad…

Either offer vacations or don't. But telling troops that only those from rich families (it's not as if a military grunt wage covers this stuff) can go home on vacation is pretty messed up…

A spelling error on my page? That's unpossible!

So some of you may have been receiving mail from a member who was removed yesterday saying that they were kicked in part because I erroneously claimed they stole your picture. Let me be very clear — their page did have stolen pictures … but it wasn't your picture that they stole (even though your email is probably claiming that). To be simple, they are lying to you.

They then go on this goofy spiel about how IAM is “a blue, sad, greedy, controlled, and obscure place where nobody can share with real freedom and where those who stand for alternative values are controllers of free information and communication under a false mask” and that “when they tell you IAM is a place for self-expression … self-identity … the underground community … [and] a place for communicating with other people don't trust them.”

This all because I wouldn't let them run a page exclusively for promoting their website and driving traffic to it (which they don't deny). Anyway, so now they've got this silly letter-writing campaign to badmouth IAM because I'm the man apparently, dedicated to oppressive rave culture or something. Whatever. Old geezer says, “I was doing independent radio when you were still in grade school.” I can't particularly take seriously the claim that I'm stopping anyone from being themselves, so if someone feels that way I'm really quite glad they're gone.

On the video editing box I mentioned earlier, I think I'm going with a P4 solution built around Avid Xpress Pro, an Avid Mojo, and a terabyte or so of drive in a FireWire 800 enclosure. It's not going to be too insane or top-of-the-line… I'm focusing more on building an ulra-stable solution over something that's blazing.

In other “as seen on this page” news, Josh pointed out something funny about the asteroid story — they were very specific in mentioning “we do not believe this asteroid was man-made”. Yeah, that's where Saddam's WMDs are, right? Seriously, what kind of age do we live in that people need to be told that asteroids aren't a weapon being launched at them.

Why do I feel like we're living in the world of Starship Troopers?

Finally, I picked up a few CDs lately in preparation for BME/RADIO going back on the air. They're not all new music, but I've been out of touch for the last year in that department. Anyway, of the CDs I got, here are my picks and notables (not that a repressed dude like me knows anything about music):

  • Mojave 3 – Spoon and RafterSlowdive and what grew from it are my favorite bands, partially on account of imprinting (the first time I did acid, Losing Today was the first song I heard). If you like the slow-mo folk/country* direction that Mojave 3 was taking before it broke up, then definitely pick this up… and there's even some theremin on it. Highly recommended.
  • Lupine Howl – The Bar At The End Of The World … My favorite track of theirs was/is Voodoo Raygun off 125, and not so much the heavier psycherock stuff. On this CD they move away from sounding like Spiritualized (they're made up of kicked out members or something) and most of the tracks are kind of psychedelic folk. To be honest, I'd either pick up an older album or wait for their next one.
  • The Black Heart Procession – Amore Del Tropico … I think I'd buy this CD for Why I Stay alone, but I'm a sucker for mellow guitar tracks out of dingy Western bars a la the Pink Room in Twin Peaks. A Cry For Love is brilliant as well I think.
  • Múm – Finally We Are No One … Best album yet I think (of theirs)… If you're into ambient dreampop, and are into Bjork-like lyrics be sure to check out Green Grass Of Tunnel.
  • Antipop Consortium VS Matthew Shipp … I'm not sure that I would recommend this per se, but if you're a music nerd you might enjoy a CD that's a blend of traditional jazz and hip-hop… Definitely not something you hear every day. Along those lines I also picked up the latest from El-P, Aesop Rock, and Cannibal Ox which are probably more accessible.
  • Rjd2 – Deadringer … Oh my god. The opening track (The Horror) is amazing — imagine Dr. Octagon split with Royksopp. That said, I didn't think the rest of it was as good.
  • Godspeed You Black Emperor – Yanqui U.X.O … Typically impressive, but typical. It sounds like every other GYBE album. Luckily I like the way they sound! I also picked up the latest from Low, Notwist, and Sigur Ros which have the same story.
  • Iron & Wine – The Creek Drank The Cradle … If you like stuff like Palace, Mojave 3, and Leonard Cohen you definitely want this CD. It's one of the better folk CDs of last year in my opinion.

Like I said, the server for that has been ordered, so the clock is ticking. A couple of people have asked me here about doing their own shows — I haven't replied to those messages yet, but unofficially, yes, if you want to do a show and it's legal (ie. you're not just using it to broadcast stolen MP3s), I can probably offer you free hosting, especially for spoken word content.

The shoutcast software is free, so all you need is a mic and an internet connection. Drop me a line if you want to do a show. The truth is a virus! Talk hard!

* I see a lot of people on their page saying “I like all music… except country” (of course, many of these people also had a conniption when Johnny Cash died, so I understand they're only saying that because it's the cool thing to say). But honestly, give it a chance.