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Why you shouldn't trust the military

Some of you may have seen the letter going around lately written from a “local soldier in Iraq” that's running in all the papers and email forwarding campaigns from pro-war goons talking about how well the war is going and how Iraq is a wonderful place now thanks to the invasion. The letter ends,

I am proud of the work we are doing here in Iraq and I hope all of your readers are as well.

Spc. Nathan Whitelatch

Conservative bloggers love it of course, but what's interesting is that if you type in key phrases from the letter, you'll find the one I just mentioned from Spc. Nathan Whitelatch, as well as THE EXACT SAME LETTER WORD FOR WORD also sent from Sgt. Shawn M. Grueser, Sgt. Chris Shelton, Pfc. Jason Marshall, and many many others. Whoever in the military is running this propaganda campaign was even so dumb as to send two copies of it (with different names) to the same newspaper!

Is it any wonder that no one trusts anyone?

My BIG baby

So a bunch of people last week told me I should take my big truck up to Toronto for the Jesse James Monster Garage event — it's one of the biggest and most unusual show trucks in Canada… Clive went and took some pictures. Seeing them, and the junker baby trucks that did show up makes me wish I'd gone there to give 'em an ass-kicking. I've had a lot of cool vehicles, but I think in some ways I like my truck the most because it's “my design” more than any of the others.

Quick specs: Ford 9″ rear. Reverse Dana 44 front. 318 V8, fuelly. Police siren and PA system. 1200 Watt inverter. 9000 lb winch. 44″ Boggers. Custom rollcage, bodywork, and exoskeleton. Real human skulls. Stereo and six-disc changer with custom waterproof speaker enclosures. Etc…

Tattoos in the workplace

Not everywhere does a facial tattoo keep you from not only having a job, but rising through the union ranks (thanks to Rebekah for the link). Click the pic for more info:

PS. In America, it doesn't play out so well

Illuminati you say?

The bug in the entry below is actually something slightly different — more of a Y2K problem. I use a single byte to store the year and am doing it with 2000 as the base. So if you have entries in your diary that are dated prior to 2000, they will probably be reset to 2000/01/01 or even exhibit unpredictable behavior. Same goes for dates far (hundreds of years) in the future.

Also, the general consensus seems to be that my slogan below (for the BME/extreme shirt idea) is too confusing and abstract. Suggestions for alternates are welcomed.

Finally, are you wondering whether the US will go to war with Iran after the October 31st deadline for nuclear inspection passes? Well, countries like Bulgaria may hold the key… The US has been making noise about putting massive missile shields througout these poorer European countries in order to “protect” against the threat from Iran.

Building this weaponry will put a fortune into the hands of the highly influential weapons dealers who control significant sectors of the US government (more), so assuming that Bulgaria et al don't snub them, they won't be voting for war at the next Illuminati meeting. However, if the deal for the placement isn't struck, they'll have to find another way to profit…

…and that could turn out very bad for us humans.


First of all, please note that there may be a bug in editing older diary entries. I don't know the reason yet. As far as I can tell editing and adding new entries is trouble free, but you may want to hold off fiddling with much older entries until I can take a deeper look at it tomorrow.

Now the real purpose of this entry. I think I need to do another BME/extreme shirt…