Monthly Archives: December 2003

Movie Posters

I'm tossing around some ideas for SAVED production posters for staff, talent, and crew, and general promotion… I'm not sure whether I should go with enigmatically disturbing, but subtle (left), or whether I should go with full-on I'm either having a horrible nightmare or those weren't sleeping pills I just popped (right). Feedback is always appreciated.

I'm sure everyone knows this, but Jerome is the performer here, and those photos were taken in Badur's hallway (now you recognize the red wall!). Also, for everyone that's asking me about the plot and so on, this page might not help.

Year end shirts and awards

The email has just gone out to everyone who's on my year end awards. That includes people on the following lists:

  • Top 10 piercing picture contributors
  • Top 10 tattoo picture contributors
  • Top 10 ritual and culture picture contributors
  • Top 10 scarification picture contributors
  • Top 10 BME/extreme picture contributors
  • Top 10 BME/HARD picture contributors
  • Top 50 picture contributors, overall
  • Top 10 experience authors
  • 2003 QOD staff (not including the new ones just added who are 2004 staff)
  • BME/News staff and writers
  • Misc. BME staff

If you are on one of those lists, you should have an email waiting for you now in either the email address you contributed from or in your IAM-linked email address (not iam.alive). If you don't get a message and you think you're supposed to have one please do drop me a line.

I'd also like to mention that for those of you interested in the and in the Philadelphia area, Shawn Porter is having a Christmas Party which will have a pro photographer and makeup artists in attendence shooting for that. There's also a genital pull scheduled if that doesn't convince you.

Got 'im

Well, as I'm sure everyone knows Saddam is “officially” captured and DNA-identified. So I suppose let the speculation begin: was he actually captured months ago, and this was just careful timing for Christmas popularity? Will there be a public trial? Maybe an execution? What bizarre confessions will Saddam make? Did he personally control the 911 planes? Will he keep the beard?

I hope it turns out that Saddam controlled the guerrillas and this ends much of the fighting, but that's probably a slim-to-none type chance since everything indicates the primary violence is coming from people who were also a thorn in Saddam's side — he was just better at running in more brutal control of the country than the US is right now. Anyway, I'm working on the update (which I think will top out at a final count of 3,500 images but we'll see). If you're bored, this will make a great TV movie one day soon.

Well, the snow is falling heavily here, so let me quickly say: IMAGE SUBMISSIONS FOR 2003 ARE OVER AS OF NOW. All submissions received from this point onward will be processed for 2004.

A nice warm vibratey feeling all through your guttiwuts.

Those of you who read my page regularly will recognize this car, because every year or so I put out a call trying to track down information on them and find out where I can get one (even something similar like a Centaur). Anyway, in browsing today I found this page on the only remaing (of three) Probe 16s (aka Durago 95) in existence… and it's an hour from my house!

I called up the owner (seems like a really nice guy) and talked to him about it for a while. He's open to the idea of selling it, but neither of us knew what it was worth. If you put it in the paper it would probably go for $15k to $30k, but at the right auction it could go for $50k, or even double or triple that — it is after all an important and unique part of British automotive engineering and design (and a great piece for movie buffs). So I'm not keeping my fingers crossed on it being the BMEmobile any time soon… But…

You know, I think if someone came up to said “I'll trade you this old Probe 16 for your 2001 Porsche Carerra” that I'd actually say yes. I'm hoping we can at least work out a deal that allows me to splash (take a mold off) the car — I think it would be wonderful to get a few of these on the road again (anyone else want one?)… Anyway, it's very exciting to me and as a result I haven't gotten any work done for the last hour!

PS. If you're into stuff like this, do check out Franka's Imp specials site…


Since almost no one seems to be putting two-and-two together as to my tattoo, here's a photo. More info here and here. It might actually not “count” because it's negative space. If that's the case, I'm going to get the same tattoo, but not in negative, about an inch up (as if the text has been “moved”) — which is fine by me if it comes to that (it's Shelley's decision).