Rachel Corrie

I've written about her before here, but I wanted to briefly mention who Rachel Corrie. She was a peace activist who was brutally crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer (echoes of Tiananmen Square). Her killing was denounced by Amnesty International and several Congressmen called for international inquiries into her death. In their statement after her death, Rachel's parents summed it up succinctly, saying,

Rachel's brutal death illustrates dramatically the madness of war.

Clearly her death was something unfortunate, no matter what one's politics? Right?

Now let me jump to a different story. Jack Trawick, who you see above, abducted, brutally molested and eventually murdered Stephanie Gach and a number of other women (more). He's absolutely unrepentant (more), still gets off on thinking about it, and has attempted to repeat his crimes even from death row. Because he has the right to free speech, he's been mailing stories to “fans” who then post these online and hold him up as a genius and an artist. His actions are being decried and many states are passing laws to stop him from allowing others to indulge in (and even profit from) his crimes.

The photo above is of Rachel Corrie (who I just mentioned). Some hateful website awarded her the “Idiotarian of the Year” award (more) for being killed. Along with the award were comments such as the following (the page generated so much positive feedback that after 12 hours and over 1,000 posts the administrator had to turn off the comments):

Lost your mind AND your life thanks to your twisted morals.

Looks like she was kinda channeling Howard Dean-like rage in this picture.

I think Catepillar should accept the award on her behalf, as their products made her Sainthood possible. Also, they should name their new line of heavy duty bulldozers "Corrie Crushers" in honor of St. Pancake.

Heeere she iiiiiss... Miss Anti-Amerrricaaaaaa

Rachel Corrie's died in the service of terrorism. She is no different then a suicide bomber. The only good thing about Corrie's death is she didn't kill anyone else going out.

Rot in Hell Ms. Corrie. I hope you like your space next to Satan...

Now, that's not really an enormous surprise. Dumb-ass bigot-ridden web sites are really a dime-a-dozen, and they dominate what's left of the EN-revolution.

But where this story gets really messed up is that when the Wall Street Journal announced it's “best of the web” awards yesterday, they linked to the above site, calling it a “Well-Deserved Award“, and described Rachel Corrie as a “terror advocate“… Wow! You know, even if you think Rachel Corrie was way-wrong in her beliefs, it's another thing to basically spit in the face of human rights and laugh about and make light of her death. I'm really quite surprised it even made it past the editing floor, but maybe that's what the WSJ's readership wants these days?

Solution? EAT THE RICH

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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