It continues…

"Had we failed to act, the dictator's weapons of mass destruction programs would continue to this day."

- George Bush, Jan 20 2004
2004 State of the Union Speech

Just three days later David Kay, the man assigned by the United States to search for WMDs in Iraq stepped down, saying that there are no Iraqi WMDs now, nor were there in the last ten years ever any WMDs (more, more). At what point does this come back to haunt Bush? Do the American people not care that they got lied into a war, and are currently being lied into another? Someone please explain why he's so untouchable.

Other than that, the Iraqis are continuing to shoot down more US helicopters (more) and killing more US troops (more). The military's continued abuse of the troops has pushed them to the largest exodus from military service in US history, with 22% of troops promising to quit ASAP (more) — and with 80% of troops saying they're being “stretched too thin”, more potentially are on the way out as well. Oh, and the CIA says that Iraq is teetering on the edge of civil war (more).

What's the US military response to all this? Let's see what General Peter Shoomaker, the army chief of staff, has to say about all this death (more):

There is a huge silver lining in [the September 11th attacks]. Now we have this focusing opportunity, and we have the fact that terrorists have actually attacked our homeland, which gives it some oomph! [It helps us instil] a warrior ethos — there's got to be a certain appetite for what the hell we exist for.

Fuckin-A! WAR! Other than that, a couple of Halliburton execs just got nailed for accepting as much as $6 million is kickbacks for their good work in Iraq (more)… So I guess it's business as usual in color-coded fearworld.

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