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INCOMING EMAIL (ie. @iam.bmezine.com) FUNCTIONS ARE OFFLINE UNTIL I CAN GET MY DRIVE REPAIRED. I will have more information on this and the other damage within 24 hours. @iam.bmezine.com email is currently the only publicly accessible system that has been damaged (all other damaged systems are internal).

Well, here's where I was this afternoon. Even though it's a zero-visibility blizzard here with snow blowing at 60 kph I had to drive out to Markham to deliver the seized up drive. Not fun. Given how much money I've invested in buying fully redundant hardware for IAM (because I know how many people would be hugely emotionally hit if everything here disappeared overnight), you'd think I'd invest the same amount of money on myself, wouldn't you?

I do have backups of course, but since all the moving around I've been both sloppy and doing aggressive development so on some projects I stand to lose a lot of data and code. Anyway, I'll have more info tomorrow… Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh — while I remember — I've got lots of space in my [internet] cage so for IAM we're probably just adding a second RAID rack (not cheap, but safe). This should allow me to upgrade IAM to the new drives with only an hour or two of downtime at the most (however long it takes to copy 60 gig of data). So at least that's some good news. However, if I can't recover that drive, it becomes difficult because to recompile for the new set up I'd have to “roll back” IAM to a stable backed up codebase, which would mean losing all of the the features I've added lately (and rebuilding them from scratch).

So like I said: fingers crossed please!

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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