Monthly Archives: January 2004

Starburst eyes without contacts

I have to admit that finding out that corneal tattooing is one of the oldest and perhaps even safest forms of tattooing really has gotten me (and a few others) quite interested. A person's eyes say so much about them… being able to alter them as we see fit really would be wonderful in allowing us to define ourselves and our “automatic introductions” even farther.

A quick Google search shows just how well known this procedure is in the cosmetic/reconstructive world… The question is, even though it heals very well in those circumstances, will any doctors be willing to do it on a healthy human eye on an elective basis? The studies all suggest it is safer than liposuction, breast implants, and other commonly accepted procedures.

What would you tattoo on your eyeball?


Well, nothing major seems to have broken while the year advanced. Newsfeed submissions were offline for about half the day, but that's patched now. The encyclopedia is ticking along nicely under public load and I'll probably do some tweaking on that today. However, as you can see below, I've got some other commitments as well.