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Why am I not surprised…

A brief update in the Todd Bertrang case… Authorities have admitted that they have absolutely no evidence that Todd has ever done these procedures on minors, other than his willingness to play along with their ridiculous fabrication (which included paying him a preposterous $8,000 for the imaginary procedure on the imaginary clients).

Additionally, they have admitted that this whole thing is based on complaints filed by “a woman who said she believed that Bertrang had performed a circumcision on a 10 or 11 year old girl”. Given how many times I've heard people in the BME chat room that he's rubbed the wrong way conspire to fabricate false charges against him, why am I not surprised? People said they'd get him busted for things he never did, maybe they succeeded (to put this into time context, it played out in the spring/summer of 2002).

It's one thing if reports were being filed about Todd about things he actually did. But for a bunch of assholes to make up fake crimes and call the FBI about Todd is pretty messed up. It doesn't matter how much you don't like someone, that's not cool at all…

Implantable jewelry

I'm 99% sure it's a fraud (well, art project by a ceramics major anyway) but this medical implant clinic is a neat idea:

Basically the concept is that they implant bioceramic flowers (which the body assimilates and replaces with its own tissues) as jewelry. Sound familiar? Like I said, I think this is a hoax site, but I believe there's a very good chance that we'll see this happening over the next year or two. The end result of the medical industry butting heads with underground practitioners is of course far better procedures being available to the public, but at a quite-likely greatly increased cost.

And of course the underground practitioners risk going to prison if they keep doing medical procedures… But that's been a ticking timebomb for a long time now. This year the medical community either kind of has to throw its hands up in the air and say “we give up… I guess we just can't stop you”, or start issuing arrest warrants. Tongue splitting will be the litmus test, with implants following I suspect.

Wet Nellie

Ever since I saw The Spy Who Loved Me I've wanted an early-model Lotus Esprit, in white. Never had any interest in the newer ones. They're dirt cheap when they come up for sale, but there aren't that many of them in Canada… But this one (1985) just came up around the corner.

You see a bug hole, YOU NUKE IT!

Another image update (1,457 images) has been posted, along with another super-silly cartoon cover. Enjoy!

And I know it's rather childish of me to laugh at this terrorism article, but you know it makes you giggle too:

The camp is run by the secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front, or MILF, which is fighting for an independent Muslim homeland in Mindanao ... "There are several MILFs, all using the same name," Jones said, adding that these factions were not the same as the group now conducting peace negotiations with Manila.

Why do I think this is actually a secret plan by the US recruitment office to get more teen boys signing up for the military? (“MILFs? I can meet MILFs if I sign up you say?”). They may tell you that “God has hardon for Marines, because they kill everything they see”, but being realistic, “God has a hardon for MILFs, because, well… duh!” might be an easier sell to the cannon fodder of tomorrow?

Of course, everything I know about the world is learned from movies, primarily pornographic ones (which have a bit of a “make love not war” bias), so really, you probably shouldn't put too much stock in my MILF theories. But still, I'm fairly certain that the pursuit of MILFs is ethically preferable to killing.


I watched Harry Bergeron this morning. Even though it's a 1995 film, and written much earlier, it just feels so relevant, in that Claire Wolfe sort of way:

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."

I think a lot of us know (or at least believe) that's where the world is at right now… Too far gone to save, but not far enough along yet in its collapse to convince the average mundane it's time to have another revolution. So what do we do?

There are a lot of little things happening that people aren't paying attention to that are very important — I'll mention the three single largest things that people need to be wary of (to my mind anyway). I mention these as someone who has worked on some of these technologies for the past fifteen years:

  1. Consolidation of databases and information into a centrally processable form, and eliminating privacy blocks that slow this process. By consolidating all known information about people into singular searchable databases, we are able to not only know almost everything about a person, but consolidated with everyone else's records we can very accurately “model” them and predict their actions and desires. The easiest way to control someone and make them subservient is to know everything about them… Why do you think so much money is spent on market research?
  2. Consolidation of media empires allowing for unanimous multi-channel messages. By reducing the media to a single message spoken using different voices, the megacorporations that own the media are able to give the impression of a multitude of messages when in fact it is a monolith. When you control all of the mediums of information delivery, you control the information. When you control the information, you control the thoughts of your audience.
  3. Consolidation of retarded education. By retarding (as in purposely slowing down) the education process, you are left with people who can read, but don't enjoy it — so they can read enough to “get by” and “do their job”, but not enough that they'll seek to educate themselves via online written (independent) media, but instead rely on the megacorp's television stations.

It's no secret that all of these are happening in bulk. Not only are these all happening, but the government is putting in laws to speed up the process and veto any attempts to stop it. Remember one thing:

A corporation has all of the rights of a human being (and then some), but can not effectively be criminally charged, has sometimes millions of times the financial power of a human being, and has an infinite lifespan. In addition, a corporation is legally obliged to put profit above all else, including ethics and the law.

A lot of people on the edges of politics (left or right) make the mistake of blaming the US or the US government, and decrying Bush et al as “the enemy”. This of course ignores the real foe — the US government is largely a bunch of greedy old men. They don't control the system at all. Not one bit. They simply got lucky and are siphoning off of it.

The terrifying truth is that there is no leader. No one is “controlling” this process. There is no Illuminati. There is no conspiracy of Jewish bankers. There is no Bavarian ultra-rich secret society that decides where the world is going:

The process is automated.

Corporations are unthinking machines, that use humans to power them. They're the closest things to demons or vampires the earth has every seen. It took us a hundred thousand years, but we've finally made our nightmares real — supernatural undead overlords really are here. It's really quite terrifying when you think about where the corporation will be in even just fifty years.

It's terrifying because you realize that eventually it really will be The Corporation. “The” as in singular. Eventually, after massive financial battles, a single corporation will buy out all of the assets of all other corporations combined. With only the smallest exceptions, we will have a single employer in the entire world, which will control every single aspect of life.

This corporation will of course have a board of directors, which will be directed by intelligent computer systems which map their markets and optimize profit. The board of directors answers to the stockholders, who have no real voice, and, in a cycle of ambiguity, no one is the leader and the machine rolls on. What kind of world will we get?