Monthly Archives: February 2004

Four shirts

I've just laid up these designs. The first is a remake of the never printed HOLY design, this time on denim-coloured shirts. The second is a new and improved version of the Dr. BME logo, and the third is a B&W version of the “Satanic” logo shirt (that had alignment problems in its first printing) which I think we'll rechristen the “Necromancer Shirt” since it's not really Satanic. The fourth is a plaintext shirt, although I've added a “BME swirl” in behind as an accent.

None of these are specifically scheduled for printing right now, but if you want/like them, you should make yourself heard in the BMEshop forum.

Update today? Maybe…

I wonder if I'm going to have to drive through this crap again today? As much as I don't want to, I need that data, and have to stay on top of them to ensure it's done properly*.

All this driving has really made me want to put a push back onto the voice interface. I'd love to be able to make audio posts (and video posts later) from the road. It's just a matter of time (to write it) and money (development tools, hardware, phone line for it, and anything I have to pay someone else to work on it). It's one of those “speculative” features, but I think it might be really good.

Well, as you know David Kay quit the WMD search (more), and the Pentagon and CIA have said that there's “little point” in continuing to look (more). Powell has gone so far as to say that it's possible had no banned arms of any kind (more), and even Bush has agreed to allow a “probe” into what happened (more) — although it won't happen until after the election. Gotta love that it takes these extremes to have investigations into war and murder, but when Challenger blew up, we had multiple independent inquiries announced within days… and you've got to really love that “accidentally” killing a ton of people (including Americans) based on lies isn't even as bad as getting your trouser snake surreptitiously sucked.

Anyway, it's been said that Bush is going to try and scapegoat the CIA (more), but other officials point out that all of the tainted intelligence ran specifically thought Cheney's office (more) and in some cases no source other than Cheney's office can be found. Thank God Bush has said that he doesn't have to read the newspaper or watch the news because he has people like Cheney and Condi to explain it all to him (more — click that link to see Bush tell Diane Sawyer how he doesn't want to read the news because it's too critical of him, and his aides only tell him the good stuff; this coming from the same guy who has the Secret Service quarantine protesters when he's around — more)… Even Halliburton describes Cheney as “a risk factor” (more) and wants to distance themselves from him.

I'd say Halliburton saying that Cheney is too evil to be friends with is strong evidence for the increasingly convincing case that Cheney is the anti-Christ or some other demonic embodiment.

PS. Is God Pro-War?

* Update: Big surprise, they didn't call back or respond to my emails. I had to call them, when they first said “you sent us an email saying the problem is resolved”. Then I say “no I didn't, read my email back to me”, and he does, explaining that they gave me the wrong files. Then I ask if they followed my instructions to manually grab the critical files before attempting the re-partitioning. They didn't do that either. Nice. Now they're going to try and stop that to email me the critical files.

Sometimes I feel like a food critic who's getting horrible service at a restaurant — you just want to say “look, you'd better consider giving me decent food, because whatever you do to me, I'm going to publish, and I have a very loud voice.” (But of course you can't, because then you not only risk it backfiring, but you get unrepresentational service).

Janet Jackson

For those of you who didn't see it on the Superbowl, here is the naked truth as to Janet Jackson's nipple piercing (it's a 1.2 meg AVI file if you click the middle pic):

For those having trouble viewing the file, I have re-encoded it (with minor quality loss) as a standard WMV file here.

PS. NFL, just try and sue me for this. Hey. Superbowl. Yeah, that's right. I said it.

Finishing with funmail

Ok, last post of the day. I've got to do some design work and then I'm watching Survivor All Stars. Yeah, I'm totally looking forward to it… I've been a drone in front of that show since day one. Anyway, I got an odd message submitted to me at the encyclopedia address:

Subject: doug malloy

Hi! HELP! HELP! HELP! I'm still waiting for your bio, etc., as well as a list of what you plan to do in the show. FLASH! FLASH! Zirbel just got a 9 month booking in Branson so we had to replace him with illusionist Jason Alexander. Unfortunately, I don't have his rundown here with me at the library but will call you with it ASAP.

That's odd. I thought maybe they were trying to contact The Lizardman since he writes for the encyclopedia so I wrote back asking them who they were trying to reach and about what. Their reply was rather odd:

Subject: bad direction for my Email - Sorry!

I was trying to contact DOug Malloy. I'm sorry the message went to the wrong address! Thanks!

Dude, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Doug Malloy passed away quite some time ago, and unless someone has stolen his name, he wasn't a sideshow performer. Along similar lines, I just got this mail the evening (last name changed):

Subject: Nostrial Piercing

Ted, Need  a new nostrial piercing... maybe  tomorrrow or this week.
Weather permitting . Chris Hadberg  Take Care!   Chris

It's really weird. I get these sorts of messages every couple of days. I suspect that all magazines must though, especially online since I think people operate under some strange notions about how email works… some sort of always-finds-its-destination magic routing.

All I ask is a flying ship, and a star to sail her by…

So I've been doing more thinking on the airship idea, trying to overcome many of the shortcomings of current designs (and there are some neat ones out there, including one transport behemoth cabable of carring 160 tons of cargo). One of the problems is bad weather and landing.

I figured why not solve those two problems at once, and make something that when on the ground provides its own hanger. My original idea (top right) just kept the upper shell and collapsed the deck into the body for landing. Not only would this be a technical issue and a dirty solution, but it would require nice flat ground to land on.

In my second version of this design I've moved the flight deck up to the top, and added a collapsable observation deck below. This coupled with the dome rather than pseudo-sphere shape will come with stability problems (it's going to want to flip upside down), so much of the shell may literally be that — just an aerodynamic cover over an otherwise traditional blimp.

Oh, and the base is surrounded by a 10' high or so “donut” of flexible material. The purpose of this is to both allow the airship the ability to land on water and on uneven land (not too uneven). On land it can be pointed into the prevailing wind, and then be staked down like a circus tent to survive storms. In water, while I wouldn't WANT to weather a storm, the rubber rim could be partially filled with water to increase the ship's weight and increase its draft, essentially making it as storm proof as an immense barge.

Controls for the flight deck would be mirrored on the observation deck as well. Living quarters are central and underneath (not pictured), lit through the condensation chamber and with additional observation windows below. The main fan ducts are now internal, with puffer ducts in the tail for directional control.

PS. Yes, the previous designs three or four entries down look much prettier. This is more of a compilation of potential solutions to some of the technical challenge than an aesthetic exercise.