Monthly Archives: February 2004

In tomorrow's update

The pictures below are part of a lengthy and high-resolution series that'll be posted in BME/HARD tomorrow (yes, if I'm awake, it's means I'm working). It's one of the most intense play sessions I've seen in some time… Don't click them if you're sensitive.

Also, I wanted to post a few more pictures of the year-end shirts that finally got finished off. Here are three more of the designs… Looks like the 2004 competition is already going strong:

Another image update

Another small image update (smaller than I'd hoped anyway) has been posted. I'll try and get more posted tomorrow as well. I'm focussing on creating new utilities (locally) in order to improve the quality of updates so that's the silver lining on the backlog I hope.

Thanks to whoever sent the cover shot — I'm sorry I can't remember who you are this instant. The moral of the cover is don't get tattooed while you're on LSD, but when I say that it's a compliment… It's one of the kookier tattoos I've seen in some time and I like it.

Had a nice dinner with CT, Marria, Badur, Phil, Tom, Ashleigh, and Nick at Bo De Duyen… Tomorrow I meet up with Angie (an old friend dating back to way before the BME days who's helping me on the film), so it's a busy week!


My day is going much slower than hoped. The network here has been out for about an hour (no idea why and the provider is claiming it's somehow my fault). I've had surprise guests as well, and now I'm off for dinner shortly. I did get some work done that'll make future updates faster, but writing it has made this one less productive. I did however make this nifty animation:

It's for a yet unwritten encyclopedia entry on the effects of bisection on ejaculation and urination and erection and so on. Other than that, Rachel and I are talking about moving again (not right away, maybe at the end of the year). The property that we moved back to Canada for looks like it's totally fallen through, so here's a photo of one of the new pieces of land we're considering:

Whoever guesses where that is successfully wins nothing but geography street cred.

When the devil seems like a good option, Something is wrong

I've got a ton to do and got little sleep, so I've just briefly read the news this morning. It's hard to believe, but Iraq just keeps getting worse (more, more, more). Basically, for America to stick to the June 30 “power transfer” deadline, Iraq will adopt the Koran as its Constitution and become a radical faith-based state with a pathological hatred of America. Basically a worst-case scenario.

So in simple terms, thanks to US “assistance”, the people of Iraq now live in greatly increased personal danger, have had their rights slashed (especially if they are women or Christian), and their economy and infrastructure destroyed. When Saddam was in power, the religious extremists were suppressed (often by force), women held positions of power, Iraqis were often better educated than Americans, they could travel freely, and so on. How messed up is it that Saddam Hussein actually did a dramatically better job of giving civil rights to the Middle East than America?

Anyway, I've got work to do.

Hypothetical entry

Talk about the most stereotypical battle between good and evil. At this point, a lot has been revealed about Bush and his bloody cabal. Bush was a coward and a draft-dodger, skipping Vietnam because it was a “political war” (what, like the one he just destroyed 12,000 American lives in, to say nothing of the Iraqis?). At least Kerry — who I have few kind words for either — had the sense of honor to stand up against that war, albeit after being decorated as one of its heroes.

The evidence (both shown and censored) suggest that Bush and Cheney are entirely complicit in the events of 9/11, and have used that catastrophe to manipulate the fear-ridden American people ever since. Two fake wars were launched, ones we now know were based on an exclusively false justification. Not only were those wars lies and based on forged intelligence, but the US and UK actively spied on the UN (more) in violation of international law. The purpose of this spying was to void any efforts on the part of other countries to stall the war.

Tax loads have been shifted deeply toward the lower classes, with only the upper percentiles of white America benefitting. America has been put into deep debt that will have to be paid off long after those benefitting from it are dead. America's reputation has been tarnished so deeply that Scotland is running a tourist campaign saying “In Scotland, Americans can visit without fear of being spit on!”

Yeah, so Kerry gets elected. A nice Clinton-style moderate. A pacifist and a war hero. Sounds great, right? It's looking like he's going to win a clear majority. But remember, all the shadowy bastards that run the game, they don't get elected. They're appointed by corporate money, and they've been there for a long time and will be there for a long time still.

I've been thinking a lot about Bush and I have an explanation.

It was a test, and they won.

Bush was put in power as a social experiment. That is, to see first how far the American people could be pushed, and second, to see how far the rest of the world could be pushed. They've reached their limits now on both, and are now going to dial it back, having done the research they need to guide America's course for another 50 years. Most of all, they were very careful to not push it too far, and have America elect a nut like Dennis “let us create an America that will inspire the world once more” Kucinich (more) who'd actually do real change to the structure of the beast.

But don't worry, corporate overlords — no one is on to you.

Business as usual.

Nothing to see here.

Kerry will be elected and the world will forget all about this, and you can do it again later like you have every 15-20 years for the last two centuries. Kucinich won't make it through the primaries, there will be no viable third party, and Americans will simply have to choose who the lesser evil is…