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There used to be a laptop here

Yes, this is becoming a recurring theme.

I don't believe it's permanently damaged though. Certainly the drive should be fine and that's what I care about. It instantly powered down when the liquid hit it, but as far as I can tell nothing made it past the keyboard barrier, and the drive is in perfect condition. It doesn't turn on right now so I'm just going to let it sit for a little and try again in a few hours. If it doesn't power up, I'll plug the drive into an enclosure tomorrow and move the stuff to the machine I'm using right now. But I don't expect to have to do that.

Anyway, if it powers up in a few hours, expect a Great Fredini interview to be posted not too long from now. If not, I'll plug the drive (BME's data wasn't on the laptop, just in an external drive) into this box and finish it for midnight or so.

Remember the moral to the story: Don't fuck with gypsies.

Now that's funny

From the description to the item on the right:

"George W. Bush has been labeled many things: a family man, a shrewd politician, an astute business man, an honest citizen, an environmental deterrent and much more."

I'd say there's a strong emphasis on the “much more” aspect. Bush continues to block the 9/11 investigation (more), and he's assigned a longtime neocon (more) and yes-man McCain as well to head up his “independent” Iraq-intelligence panel — not surprising, giving that Bush (even though his own intelligence people say the opposite – more) continues to maintain that Saddam was going to launch a nuclear strike on the US. So please add “war criminal” to that label-list.

And with less than 50% of Americans voting, all it takes for Bush to be re-elected is that one in four Americans are stupid enough to believe his lies.

Oh, and this has been mentioned in the Whatever forum, but keep an eye on how this progresses: “An Antiwar Forum in Iowa Brings Federal Subpoenas“. Basically, anti-war polticial groups are having their records subpoena'd; who donates money to them, who goes to the meetings, and so on. Didn't you know? Pacifism is the new communist menace! Not only are subpoenas being issued, but because they're bing issued in the new no-rights America, the schools and others being subpoena'd are extremely limited on what they can discuss because of nondisclosure orders.

Yay for freedom and liberty our benevolent corporate overlords.

I for one welcome our…

This note is from a conversation with my friend Saira. I'm reposting it here because I thought that others would find the idea interesting:

Check this out: one of my volunteers is in comp sci here, and was telling me that a prof he has in some evolution-type biology course was making a claim that "couch potato" (ie. TV or computer monitor) is a behaviour pattern modelled after early human behaviour that found certain individuals maintaining their gene lines by keeping out of danger (by having others hunt/gather) and remaining by the fire... The monitor/tv flickering is paralleled with the flames/fire.

The answer to life's problems

You know being asked to do the layout for this made some graphic designer's day.

They suffer from the same insanity

Microsoft Thailand. And yes, I know it's not nice to make fun.

The BBC's Mr. Bean    Microsoft's Mr. McBean