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I am so tired. Marty was in town last night so along with Phil and Badur we were out downing pitchers until they eventually threw us out at 3 AM. Anyway, time to start the programming jobs that I should have started at 9 AM… (9 AM a year ago that is).

PS. Thank you to everyone who wrote me offering to help defend against PETA. But honestly, I would think PETA is intelligent enough to figure out that those galleries are there and the interviews are there not to encourage animal abuse, but to open up a dialog on the subject so people actually think about what they're doing. Not to judge it or condemn it though — if someone wants to do silly stuff with an animal, although I wouldn't do it, I'm not sure that I have the right to make such judgements for anyone but myself.

I think that a lot of people don't really consider all the implications of their actions. To give an overwhelming example that many people ignore, think of how many vegans will tell you that they are animal lovers, but then own carnivorous (ie. dogs, cats, etc.) pets. So… Basically an intelligent creature kept as a slave for your amusement, coupled with hundreds of other sentient animals kept as slaves which you then have killed to feed to your own love-slave. (Sure, you could “force” the animal to be vegan too, but that's just trading one cruelty for another).

Or something like that.

“Can't see the forest for the trees” is the expression I think.

Other people would suggest it's a SEP field.

"Cheese eating PETA monkeys"

So some kids in France are urging PETA to have BME shut down. Heh… Somehow, I just don't see PETA coming after me. Yeah, let's have a vegan civil war to determine the true believers. You don't eat anything that farts? Yeah, well I don't eat anything that casts a shadow. Level 5 baby.


The funny thing is they all keep sending me the same message (and minor derivations) over and over again, instead of writing their own, and in their forum talk about flooding my inbox with their messages — they seem to think their 20 messages that are all identical are somehow a larger problem than the 90,000 spams I receive per day (seriously, that's what I'm up to now):

Thanks for your very interesting websites that I like watch because we learn a lot about BM
But like some other people we've find some pictures of piercing on animals
For the piercing we have to be voluntary and not an obligation.
So it will be finding to put out this picture and don't support this kind of piercing anymore

Here's a hint to others considering potential letter writing campaigns: form letters tend to make your target believe that your advocates really don't feel that strongly about it! Also, yelling at the messenger is plain silly, and calling for the messenger to be censored is plain foolish. If you don't like piercings on animals, urge your local government to institute a vegan agenda. Yelling at me isn't going to help.

If one thing about the politically correct left annoys me, it's their incessant drive to ban anything that hurts their feelings. They don't realize that when they take this stance they're no better than Bible-Belt oppressors. Living free means putting up with your neighbor being an ass.

PS. The amusing side note is that the forum that they're using to have this discussion sells t-shirts of pierced cartoon animals to support the forum. I guess that shirts that say “pierced animals are cute and funny” is better than an article that actually talks about the issues for real.

Seems like a logical next step…

As you probably know, Sen. Bill Frist recently received a letter which contained a primitive (and not particularly dangerous form of) ricin (more). A number of other locations had ricin scares, but so far only the first letter has turned out to be real, thanks to some nut calling himself “Fallen Angel”.

What's interesting is the response by the government.

They're considering simply telling people to stop sending them mail (more). I think we've had this dicussion before, and came to the following conclusion: if you really love something, kill it*. Thus, if you want to protect democracy, a good move to make is to block citizens' access to government. Right?

* Or was that, “if you really love somebody, better set them of fire”?

Shirts not from me…

First, for those that are interested, Srini over at has dropped his t-shirt prices to $10 for all of February to celebrate his tenth anniversary (he started his site about nine months before BME). If you've been to BBQs I'm sure you've seen me wearing his gear. Anyway click it:

I think it still says $15 on the site, but the price is $10. He's got tons of cool stickers and other stuff on his site, and when you buy from folks like him (and BMEshop of course) you know you're supporting a small “human-owned” company that gives back to its community.

Anyway, I thought I'd post the feedback I'm getting on the Janet Jackson entry, currently dwarfing all other encyclopedia entries in popularity. These are all messages that have been submitted via the comments form:

i find it annoying that all of the news coverage that this gained, none of them mentioned the piercing really. i found out that i was pierced through bme, i had no idea otherwise

just goes to show how much is censored from censored stuff... and how ignorant the media is.

I seriously can not believe the attention this "boob" has gotten. I think we all lose sight of the fact that breast are technically used to nourish infants... not for sexual pleasure. It is just a boob! Why the out cry? Was your child breastfed? Then likely he/she has seen one before. Have you never dove into a pool and OPPS! Your top flipped down? Its a part of life, people have boobs soemtimes they are exposed... laugh it off, get over it, move on. Find something better to talk about in your day then Janet Jacksons boob. Are you as outraged when you see a women breast feeding her child in public? Its silly.

I think it's just another one of those publicity stunts just to regain they're popularity. First it was the Madonna & Britney kiss contravercial then break ups of Bennifer. And also short 72 hours marriage of Britney.

Just what the heck is going now these days.

What's the fuss about?It's America and lots more things happen there,besides,Janet Jackson is Black and in Africa women dance with breast exposure which is normal and seen as sexy...nobody ever complain about them and had been seen by many!!Just watch the Kings or chiefs in Africa beeing entertained by bare breasts!!!!

OK, that last one is pretty weird.

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